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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Untold Story of Walter Reed
Song:   Recognize
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
We tried channelin' the spirits
The killers and dealers and niggas
And go see the essence of the ghetto
The Devil's hell flows over wit lava
Shot us wit revolvers
Gun chargers, help us dear Father
Last night the spirit of a hustler came to me in all black
His lips were cracked, he followed my tracks
His skeleton, half exodus face
He spoke of his fate, its ghost in the race
It left no trace, I just heard a voice
It's tellin' me to make a wise choice
Life is too short; you live it to the limit
I fell lucky for this privilege

So recognize, recognize
Recognize, recognize

[Killah Priest]
Look at life as precious and its essence
Destined for perfection, young ones show regression
Adolescence learn adult lessons of cult progression
Out in Bohemian Grove, nina's and robes
Bathin' in no clothes, goat heads of more lead
In the Middle East rulin' elites
Facts of force hood, the mysteries or Lady Liberty
Killin' spree, niggas is free, not quiet yet
You neva know what your life to expect
Build wit the mind, like mine
Stay wise, civilize, and recognize


[Killah Priest]
For the butyric habits of the doctor's tablets
They both addicts, pharmaceutical is illusional
Still end up in the funeral
I use the musical to display the message
Radios don't play these records
Try downloads or underground shows around the globe
Crown glows on my black hairs, rappers beware
I give you back those years
Priest-Obama, flow drama, coat of armor
The owl and the lion and the Madonna wit child
Stay fly, open ya minds, 3rd eye and listen
And just recognize