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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Untold Story of Walter Reed
Song:   Sanskrit
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
I rise up in the mornin' like a dragon rise up from the forest
Yawnin', fire breath, I flex to stretch my biceps
The dragon stretch his wings, his press plate gleams
From the sunlight it seems and flies up towards the sun
I walk toward my window like my time has come
The dragon turns towards the Earth
I turn towards my verse
I've been writin', a teaspoon of lightning
Turns the meek Priest into a lion
Touch heart like the swordsman cryin'
The dragon flies toward the wizard
I pull out my sword of lyrics
It's like sendin' evil lord of spirits
Absorbin', feel it, the claws grab the wizard's neck
I scribble in my tek's
Priesthood the frozen lord delivers the death

(Hook) 3x
In my Sanskrit
This is my manuscript
Killah rhymes are hand written
Then placed on canvas

[Killah Priest]
Tonight I sleep like a lion
From a war I was tryin'
Pleasant dream of my enemies dyin'
A couple of cuts across my chest and guts
But so what? Under my finger tips
Smeared blood and traces of hair
And chip bone and the ashes of the faith I seared
My dear, my sword breathin' heavy
Tryna catch its breath, tryna digest
The residue of them dead flesh left
Under my boots is rocks and mud blood from troops
And left is small groups
My snore sound like men at war
I lay like a king on the wall
My heart pumps royal blood thru my veins
The type of blood belong to kings
No disturbance, I sleep beneath the Virgin
The Witch Lord's workin', all of y'all my servants
My rhymes have hair, a full body is hard to compare
Entrance of the Viking come near
She eats ya young, y'all wives are hung
She's at the top, she sits on my tongue

(Hook) 3x

[Killah Priest]
This is my redemption
And the angel sung
This is my redemption
Look into my future
King robes, rose pedal's - throne
And all the world's my name's known
And I help create the new non-Heavens
This is my blessing, my mind's the weapon
So come battle, done by a hassle
The Pharaoh, I wear a hat wit the glow attached
Around the universal bowl
And this is my redemption
And the angel sung
This is my redemption
And the angel sung
This is my redemption
And the angel sung

(Hook) 3x