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Artist: Killah Priest
Album:  The Untold Story of Walter Reed
Song:   Slaughter House Freestyle
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Killah Priest]
My soul will devour all; bring 'em to my thresh to floor
Weapons of war, smashin' head in the wars
They're dead in the morgues, behead 'em wit chainsaws
Black blood in guts, rain within my slaughter halls
Dead flesh cover my apron
From rappers, from bad statements
Wrath of Satan, outta my mouth come flappin' Ravens
Wit the Key to the Bottomless Pit
The great chain in my hand
You rappers stand on quicksand
It's time to quit man
I chop rappers down to bricks into grams
Put 'em in bags, break 'em like crabs
Open 'em like clams
If y'all niggas ain't fam, y'all better stand - clear
This is my redemption, this is your submission
I spit slugs, watch me split 'em, rhymes are radiation
Consume the eyes in their holes
Grab their skulls than crush 'em like coal
Put 'em in my mixin' bowl, full of wicked souls
Let the rhymes cook 'em till the pot whistle
Till the top fizzle, rhymes are not pistols
These rhymes are drop missiles
I leave mammoth murders once my canvas surface
Hands on the mic is like hands on burners
Rhymes are like bullets, carat size
When I let off everythin' to appearance die
I'm stompin' bodies like Hawaiian berries
So deep Anthropologist will have to find you buried
Rhymes are deadly; Behind the Stained Glass
Than I throw you thru that same glass
Till you tear your frame in half
Aim - blast; I offer you for food to pagan Gods
I put graves inside the yards
Scatter your bodies like a deck of cards
I put braids on bars, you're afraid of my bars
React like you've been tasered
It's what I do to a traitor
I'ma Gladiator, I hit the pad like a laser
Hit your dad like a Quasar
I stand still as Mount Rushmore
There's no luck in war, gun buck to the floor
I'm wild as an African insane asylum; the witch nurses
Rhymes will carry you rappers like big hearses
To a big Churches, to big sermons
After I stick verses in your head like pins
Bow, bitch!!! Worship!!!!
Approach me; I'll bring on World War III in 5D
So you can do more than see me closely
Rope around your neck easy, hang you from a Comet
Than clap at you wit nuclear rockets
Before you start the shit you shoulda stopped it
Now you look awkward, floatin' in darkness

Uh-huh, uh-huh, I ain't playin' no mo' games G
Kno'am'mean? Behind the Stained Glass II gon' be a lil bit harder
Hahahaha, welcome to the Slaughter House
Put on my gloves, its ova! Geah, you know the name
I ain't gotta tell you, whadup Starkim?

[Killah Priest]
Lyrics split you in half, the Wolf versus the Calf
Soon as hooves touch the grass, I'm on top of that ass
Out the woods, no homo, rhymes are pride choke-hold
Till your eye balls swell up, the shell buss
From the sawed off rhyme, the 12-gauge page, the AK lines
Call my dawgs on stage, we okay nines
My note page is a cage wit barb wire lines
My pen is lightning strikin' down my rhyme
I hurl rappers off the Planet Earth like vacuum suck up dirt
They see half-rooms and Stars, now they're deep in the Universe
I pick up rappers like I'm playin' "Jacks"
My rhymes will touch 'em like "Duck, Duck, Goose"
"Mother May I" they let the Devil loose
Rivers of fires, waterfalls of blood to slaughter y'all
Floods of tsunami's probably, an avalanches of rappers
Build dams and I'm still advancin'
Meteor showers, Comet storms, the wrath is approachin' dawn
Dragon sits upon the right arm, I transform big as Megatron
You betta warn, my mind wit the letters will swarm
Too complex for the norm
My lead will start to warm till it's screamin' hot
Than I place the rhyme to ya mind like a heated pot
Cook you from the inside, witness then hear your in cries
You bring a bad vibe; I bring war like somethin' seen in Sci-Fi
Special effects, when it comes to rappin' I'm like the Devil in flesh
The medals on my neck, Othello wit the tek's
Grab the mic like I flex
I'm liftin' weights, wit heavy bars that I press
Who wanna impress, I suggest
Watch me execute them, this is more than music
It's more like Priest shootin'
Niggas talkin' live - I just know how to do them
Chop 'em up, rock 'em up, push 'em to a veggie-nusion
Yo execution!