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Artist: (Killah Priest f/) Starkim
Album:  The Untold Story of Walter Reed
Song:   Starkim Freestyle
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

Check it, uhhhhh

It's the sound of revenge and lyrics' straight clashin'
It's the God in me that's why a nigga be spazzin'
I spit fire call me the dragon, inferior rhymes
I'm stocky within, y'all slackin', soft for rappin'
The guns get tucked; the guns get clappin'
No action, ready for war
Anybody even knows who make the law
Goons comin', kicked ya door, hit the floor
We conquered cuz we bonin', now we soar
I was a lion use to roar, now I use my paws
Now I'ma do it till the Devil tryna me fall
Until then I'm givin' y'all my all
Until then I'm givin' y'all my all
Check it, you can take my pride but you can't take my heart
I'ma be real to my self, I ain't gon' play no part
The street art, everybody spittin' in the back park
Light on after dark, get the weed, we gon' spark
Rap how you feel, gangster fly all actin' smart
Ayo who gon' start? That's how this cycle's givin'
We spit head or written, my lyrics is everyday givin'
How niggas is livin', school - I'm just chillin'
Hold your head till the niggas who be dealin'
Snitches get stitches, so why the fuck you squeelin'?
It's just hood shit, everybody illin'

Niggas chill, check the... we out
DJ Woool, Raw Trade
Get hook, Red Hook nigga, Starkim, I'm out