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Artist: K-Rino
Album:  Book Number 7
Song:   Ain't it Funny
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Check your boy out man
We operating on our low desires, listen

Ain't it funny, how things go
The more you live, you deal with parts of life you didn't know
Chasing dreams, and over nothing going on a limb
You bringing others in your troubles, jepordizing them the question is
Ain't it funny, and kinda strange
Just when you think you got it figured out, the game change
Mama said, what'll make you laugh will make you cry
Living and knowing we ain't perfect, but we gotta try

Lil' sister was fast growing up, nothing could hold her
Thugs attracted her, her own mother couldn't control her
Big brother knew the game, and everytime that he seen her he told her
Concentrate on other things, focus on men when you're older
She met a hustler, who was bad news and everyone sensed it
Some of her friends knew his history, and they warned her against it
She wasn't tripping, cause his lifestyle and his money had trapped her
But the first time that she went against the grain, he slapped her
And beat her down like a man, throwed hew clothes in the street
Told her brother and with tears in his eyes, he loaded his piece
And came searching for that coward, went straight to his hood
Ready to sacrifice his own freedom, for the love of his blood
When he caught him he pistol whooped him, shot holes in his Benz
Went to jail attempted murder, fifteen years in the Pen
But for his kin, if he had to do it again he'd still get him
He wasn't gone for a month, and his lil' sister was right back with him


You met a young lady, who still possessed the mind of a girl
Full of love and trust, but sheltered and not lead to the world
Saving herself, the kind that no man was supposed to touch
Inexperienced, and had never been exposed to much
Fed her some game and reeled her in fast, you was the first
Instead of bringing out the best in her, you reach for the worst
Heavily influenced by love, she did whatever he said
He talked her in to letting another female, into the bed
Trying to live out fantasies, with a wife who was down
But what you thought you wanted, back-fired and got switched around
Didn't know, the other female was a veteran too
Who was able to do a few things, better than you
Now your girl starts to doubt you, it's no longer about you
You get home from work, and they already done started without you
You on the outside looking in, was fly and conceded
Your wife got turned out, and it's obvious you no longer needed


Over time, long relationships start to fail
Use to be easy to distinguish, now it's hard to tell
Who is real and who is counterfeit, the truth from lies
People you thought you really knew, start showing other sides
Claiming it's love but come up missing, when it's time to show
Grew up together, now you treating me like I'm the foe
Know all your secrets all the dirt you did, but kept it well
And even if we turned to enemies, still wouldn't tell
Blood sweat and tears, are mandatory that's the price
How you gon reap life's benefits, without a sacrifice
Trust in that you gotta scuffle, to come up and stack
You bout to crack, because you gave all and got nothing back
How come our children are so angry now, and quick to bust
They disappointed in this B-S, that they get from us
But you'll die, if unjustified or you seek
Elijah said, think five times before you speak yeah