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Artist: K-Rino f/ K.O.
Album:  Book Number 7
Song:   Everyday
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Say man, yeah you dog
How you gon let the world, take you out the game like that man
You better step up, and be a man homeboy
And girl you ain't no better, look at ya
Laying around, whining and crying bout your situation
Looking to everybody for answers
You kno who you need to be looking for answers from
Feel me on this one here, this for you listen

Ooooh-ooooh-ooooh-oooh - 4x

Let's stop tripping, cause death don't look good in God's sight
Long as you living you got another chance, to make what ever's wrong right
When you climbed out of your bed, the sun hit you with strong light
Sleeping under a bridge out in the cold, now that's a long night
If you ain't never missed a meal, or had to sleep out on the cut
Or went weeks without seeing money, you need to keep your mouth shut
Cause folks in wheelchairs, and others layed up in hospital beds
And people suffering till they drop dead, without little said
I'm trying to live, but even when it's hard I'm glad to survive
You waiting to die to see heaven, when you can have it alive
You breathing but you ain't living, if you ain't giving no service
It's sad to see somebody check out, without knowing they purpose
You saying you suicidal, crying bout your condition
Wishing for death until you caught slipping, and placed in position
Then you beg for life, cause living in natural inclination
Whatever you going through, make the best of the situation and understand

[Hook: K.O.]
Everyday above the ground, is a beautiful day
It don't matter if life is bringing you down, just be thankful anyway
Even when the rain come, or the clouds may be gray
Know you can always turn your problems around, if you look to God and pray

Life is a movie, that concludes with tears and no hand clapping
People ain't scared to die, the thing they fear is how it'll happen
Or where they going, the method of exit you can't choose it
Some don't appreciate life, until they almost lose it
People get burned, and say I'll never help nobody again
That's a mistake that go to show you, put your faith in men
Your blessings don't come from them, your blessings come from him
So do your best to be forgiving, and not so quick to condemn
Don't complain gain your composure, and try to sustain
Avoid the horizontal and remain, on a vertical plain
You wasn't born high, so the truth is we don't need
Drugs and liquor just to function, or cigarettes and weed
We contaminate our physicals, whenever we use em
Getting high disguises problems, only God can remove em
Talking about how hard your life is, being spiteful and hateful
You ain't suffered more than Jesus did, so live and be grateful and understand


The grass the trees, the sun the earth
The uncountable amounts of breath, that you took since birth
The vision, that let's you distinguish the night from the day
The protection from trouble, and guidance from going astray
You can overcome anything, in all circumstances
Thank whatever name you calling, for multiple chances
The hardest thing you'll ever do in life, no if's or maybe's
Is reborn you already did that, you was only a baby
Now you grown and got intelligence, revolving in you
And bring it down, because you can't handle a problem or two
Come on now pick yourself up, you stronger than that
Quitting's for the weak, we been pushing too long to go back
If you a single mama, there's one thang I wanna tell you
Raise your child to be the person, that they father failed to
Don't let emotion get you, happiness is there if you want it
The love that you give life, is the love you receive from it understand


I know it gets hard sometimes
I know I know, it gets hard sometimes
But keep God, on your mind
Keep him on your mind, keep God on your mind
Cause he will elevate you, ooooh-oh
And all the things you do, everyday always everyday