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Artist: K-Rino
Album:  Book Number 7
Song:   The Wrong Thang
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Yeah, laws took my homeboy Q to jail mayn
Racist bastards for real, never believe them fools
Playing with em mayn, no love for the police
The Mayor the Governor, the President
None of em, racist bastards

We ain't no motherfucking slaves, or no damn cotton pickers
God made man, but the devil made niggaz
I'm fed up with apologizing, and sympathizing
If you ready so jump partna, let's start a uprising
You trying to love your enemy, then fuck the words you speak
Who the hell you think taught your ass, to turn the other cheek
Ain't no trust load cock, aim at they sweater and bust
These racist bastards treat they damn dogs, better than us
The police ain't shit, they shoot and man handle ya
Every few years, a black man gets beat down on camera
Then we act shocked and surprised, start bitching and protest
But it's a thousand ass whoopings a day, that they don't catch
They said Satan would deceive men, he ain't no atheist
His own self is the God, that his racist ass believes in
I saw a sell out, and I spilled him
I killed him, when I caught him masturbating to a picture of Paris Hilton

Scared to make change, focused on the wrong thang
Keep playing this game, and motherfuckers gon hang
Tied up in chains, don't even know your own name
Line up your aim, and take him out from long range

They lock you up, and then they let you
Out with a felony so you can't a job now you at home, and your woman don't respect you
The pressure kicks in, you get back on the block
And get popped caught up in a cycle, now you right back on lock
That's the plan, to make you stop acting right
A man works off rational thought and reason, the reason's controlled by appetite
Now you a animal, you smell flesh and swarming
See somebody else with some shit that you want, you strong arming
Black people, scared to speak out
If they gave us reparations, we'll give that shit back to the white man before the week out
Yeah I see you, with your tight grill
Twenty thousand dollars worth of diamonds in your mouth, and can't pay your light bill
We some, backwards ass folks
Hard head and stupid ass people, satisfied with struggle and being broke
It ain't no other way, to figure it
How you gon expect a child to learn a damn thang, if his own parents is ignorant


Iraq, done had a million soldiers there
Years done passed they said it's all done, if so why the fuck they still over there
If you young and black, they'll have you
Fuck the armed forces, don't sign up for that shit and don't let em draft you
Cause death, and injury are certain
Soldiers risking they life for crumbs, while others are getting rich working for Haliburton
The news, ain't giving up the whole game
Boys is getting main flamed, with artillery disfigured and coming up lain
United States, home of the snitches and snakes
Fuck the so called holidays, all them bitches is fake
Thanksgiving, Easter, it's all some bullshit to me
And God condemns the Christmas tree, and Jaramiah did a three
So read your book fool, and don't swallow these lies
You wanna see into a mad soul, just follow his eyes
And scary uncle tom hoes, I leave this on ya
If you was on fire and screaming, I wouldn't spit vomit I'll piss on ya