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Artist: K-Rino 
Album:  The Day of the Storm 
Song:   Ain't Good Enough 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

I feel for ya homie, been there 

[Chorus - 2x] 
Fell victim to the system, cause the hood is tough 
I coulda raised up, and went back to the cut 
Trying to do it right, the old me I put it up 
How can ya win, when your best ain't good enough 

He was fresh out the pen, still in his prime 
Changed his life, for the better while he did his time 
It's amazing, how he was able to keep his mind 
Came home, started searching for a legal grind 
Lost years, mentally hard to digest 
Had a woman on his side, through the process 
Brainstorming on some ideas, they plotted big 
She agreed to hold it down, until he got a gig 
Month after month, somebody forgot to tell him 
It's hard to get a job, once you a convicted felon 
Accumulation of trepidation, and frustration 
Plus a lot of dust, collecting on his application 
He stayed on a straight up and down, like six o'clock 
And clicked yes, in that have you been convicted box 
Everything he tried to do, seemed to fall through 
Thank you sir, please don't call us we'll call you 

[Chorus - 2x] 

Eight months deeps, still same situation 
Now his woman's on him daily, running out of patience 
The scenario they looking at, is typical 
Now she want him to walk it out, like an elliptical 
So fast forwarded, his manhood got targeted 
And lack of them resolving it, escalated those arguments 
Cause how can he, run his house properly 
When he's clocking no profit, and she constantly makes mockery 
And what added, to the overall discrepancy 
Was the surprise, unexpectancy of a pregnancy 
Ooh, and when the time came she straight dissed him 
And took they business, straight to the dirty court system 
Knew he was trying hard, that was nothing but greed 
Took him out, cause he wasn't moving at her speed 
She put a good man out, and let hatred in 
Now he gotta make it work, so let the games begin 

[Chorus - 2x] 

Now it's crunch time, everyday stormy weather 
The need to go and get some bread, is more intense than ever 
Odd jobs all day, trying to stack some mail 
Have that money every month, or go back to jail 
Couldn't believe, that she would place him in that situation 
'Fore he was paying, she still hating on his visitations 
When his paper slow, she threatened to tell them folks 
He even contemplated, going back to selling dope 
He was getting checks, he just wasn't cashing enough 
Plus his baby mama's new dude, started gassing her up 
Forget that fool we need that money, he don't pay then crush him 
What you tripping on, he ain't never gave you nothing 
All in all, it was a dirty thang to do because 
The real truth is, she knew what kind of dude he was 
He kept grinding but, once again just not enough 
Fell behind chased a lick, got caught and they locked him up 

[Chorus - 2x]