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Artist: K-Rino 
Album:  The Day of the Storm 
Song:   Be Careful 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

No heart, selfishness and no consideration 
For the next man or woman, but why (why) 
Only focused, on our own situations 
See somebody suffering, we walk by (yeah) 
They might approach you, in need of assistance 
At a time, when their fortunes are low (come on) 
You look down on em, like you better than em 
But the truth is, you just don't know 
We got angels among us, dwelling in our presence 
God'll bless us, then place someone in front of us to test us 
You can't get a large sum of money, or a new car 
Then look down on people, cause they might not be where you are 
Drunk off possessions, and the root of all evil 
But no man can rise above, the condition of his people 
Don't be arrogant and arrant, patience is perseverance 
Learn to look inside someone, instead of judging by appearance 

[Chorus - 2x] 
Be careful how you treat strangers, you might be entertaining angels 
Who came to protect you, from hidden dangers 
In disguise, studying your ways is what they do 
The deed you neglect to do, could be the one that saves you 

When trials fall on us, we don't look into em deep enough 
We view em through a real small lens, (that's what we do) 
Instead of understanding, that it's all a part of living 
We resent God, and turn on friends (come on) 
Then help comes to you, one day 
In the form of a person, that you might not know 
But out of deep ignorance, and lack of understanding 
We ignore signs, and let help go see 
Have you ever met a stranger, and had a conversation 
And it seems like he's familiar, with your life's situations 
And you know you never told him, but his knowledge is surprising you 
Speaking wise words, giving guidance and advising you 
Striking mental cords, blood in your vein coursing 
Giving you the confident, positive reinforcements 
And you start to question in your mind, how it's being done 
I'm not saying it's for sure, but you might be seeing one 

[Chorus - 2x] 

See, you gotta be aware of your surroundings at all times 
Everything is not what it appears to the eye 
The thing you look down on, could be the thing that saves you 
Saves you... 

These marvels, are far beyond carnal 
They warn you, of unseen forces that might harm you 
Alert you, of people and things that could hurt you 
And unknown to you, from wrong steps they divert you 
The place you started to go, but then decided not to 
And then disaster struck, if you was there they might have got you 
The time when your finances, couldn't last a month more 
And out of left field, a blessing landed on your front door 
Someone you never met, just approaches and starts talking 
Touches you saying it's gon' be alright, and keeps walking 
It happens quite often, and we get attitude 
Mean and rude, when someone exudes a caring mood 
Angels all around, probably see em all the time 
Not to mention the personal one, that lives in your mind 
Keeping you from falling, and guiding you on the low 
That's why it's wise, to respect all people you never know 

Never know, you never know