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Artist: K-Rino 
Album:  The Day of the Storm 
Song:   Flow Session Number 4 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

Flow session number fo' 
They said he couldn't do it no mo' 
Let's see if they right 

He couldn't withstand, the blast that he felt 
Beating me is hard to pull off, like a chastity belt 
I'm returning to the war zone, to flame my opponents 
The game be calling me back, like I was hanging up on it 
Stopping me is a task, no one's able to do 
Like trying to seat a thousand people, at a table for two 
See what I'm saying eating iron, on the mic that's eating giants 
I'm the lion eating man, that eats man eating lions 
When I please, I still punish and rip with ease 
Like a plate of nachos, I stack chips and cheese 
Crushing me I gotta flame you, then I'll probably show you something painful 
Like stuffing both your feet, into the same shoe 
Every line, got the people in the joint raving 
Cut your index finger off, I call it point shaving 
I'm the rap land Lord, you a damn fraud 
Trying to charge a pair of Jordans, with a Sam's card 
Rough bar chooser, hard 2-by-4 you's 
I beat and bruise you after I win, now you a sore loser 
I got a cannon mouth, tongue whoopings I hand em out 
My presence is everywhere, like Santa's house 
Get it straight, I didn't come to make the party bounce 
I came to bust you in the face, with a forty ounce 
Pages knew, you be crying like a baby do 
Still got clothes on layaway, from '82 
In brain square milage, I'm a mansion mentally 
Your brain's inefficiency, pissing where your kitchen be 
I got music in my bag, coast to coast I push 
I thought I told you, that men ain't suppose to deuche 
Rhymes accurate, my mind's emmaculate 
I'm a beast I put it down, like I was tired of packing it 
Money I'm stacking it, my crew is unruly they pop fast 
When they catch you inside of my hands, like a dropped pass 
On the whack scale of one to ten, you sure to rate 
Where you rank, is like taking a leak you're an eight 
You could be, one of the big screen stars 
But when I catch you it's a rap, just like sixteen bars 
K-Rino is in the hood everyday, I don't miss the fights 
You come and hang once a year, like Christmas lights 
You like to talk about your passion, or your ex stunts 
I speak on things, that I already did next month 
I ain't got time, for silly little playful things 
You 6'5 260, with a naval ring 
I get on a roll, vocab is so cold 
I like to eat my cereal and milk, with no bowl 
I stepped my game up, to improve the sport 
Stole some of my own lyrics, and took myself to court 
I'm the flow man, wingspan of Rodan 
Slick enough to pick your pocket, with your hand 
Rap slicing deciding, striking and writing verbs 
Verses swinging like Tyson, I call em fighting words 
I'm down to get a private, or a public win 
Like hand sanitizer, after doing dirt I rub it in 
Whenever you around, lies gon' scatter 
Like when your girlfriend, told ya size don't matter 
Whoever said K-Rino wasn't heated, they lied 
I picked my skill up early, like it needed a ride 
Rappers get caught up in it deep, just for crossing the street 
I won't let you change the game, like you lost your receipt 
If we do carry heat, you'll never find it on us 
Your CEO, gave you a twenty dollar signing bonus 
Ran opponents out the game, they couldn't stand the losses 
Line for line, they coming up shorter than a vienna sausage 
You talking tough partna, but you look sweet 
You ain't hot, cause you ain't ready like undercooked meat 
I stay in rare form, to achieve this work 
Got the right to bear arms, like a sleeveless shirt 
Terminating you, is some'ing I can't wait to do 
You could be my twin, and I still couldn't relate to you 
When I get through, I get a long ovation 
My pen stays on paper, like it's on probation 
Win odds, 87 to 1 
Fool beating me is like your girlfriend's hair, it's never been done ha 

Flow session number fo' 
Ya'll know what it is, shout out to Sniper 
And Mighty in the building, (flow session number fo') 
Send a shout out to the whole SPC 
All the lyricists around the world, yeah 
(flow session number fo'), not' ha 
K-Rino, what I'ma do right now 
I'ma let this beat play for ya'll