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Artist: K-Rino 
Album:  The Day of the Storm 
Song:   Let it Burn 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

Burn down Babylon, shock of the hour 
The whole planet caught up, in the plot to devour 
Righteous men on lock, and mocked by the powers 
By now you should really know, who knocked down the towers 
They plan it to discount you, slander and denounce you 
Scheming in secret meetings, to build a burn council 
Unidentifiable interstate, that they found you 
Nothing but lives lost, is what it all amounts to 
It started, when the ships came to Africa to take you 
To enslave you, miseducate you and rape you 
Hundreds of years later, and yes they still hate you 
So those who follow Satan, get swallowed into the lake too 
The cold wicked wind blew, the evil that men do 
The sinful of them who, pretend to befriend you 
But now we at the end, where we see God's substance 
Rain, hail, snow, earthquakes, the four great judgements 

Burn burn Babylon, bathe in the fire 
Centuries of evil, increase the flames higher 
Every rule has an end, every nation has a turn 
It's time for the devil, to receive what he earned 
America long gone, when the smoke clears 
And it won't cool down, for three hundred more years 
So burn burn Babylon, bathe in the fire 
Centuries of evil, increase the flames higher 

Snakes in the temple, no more signs and symbols 
A satanic collage, is what it's mind resembles 
This the end the finale, bottom line it's simple 
If you ride with this devil, then it's time to tremble 
You see lives are getting shook, and minds are getting took 
Everything you see happening now, lines up with the book 
Bout to witness things, when this country and destiny meet 
That make the Vietnam War, look like Sesame Street 
We in the modern day sodom, we occupying the bottom 
With our rights of microcosm, of all of this world's problems 
The Statue of Liberty's a whore, time to fess up 
It'll smell like death, if you raise the damn dress up 
I'm trying to pull America's demonic hand off me 
This country's on the brink, of collapse and anarchy 
Famine in the land, real soon a man taught me 
The United States, is gonna be like Japan shortly 


The water and the land, the economy the schools 
The moral fabric of man, the poisoning the food 
The lies told daily, by media and the news 
The shady politics, of sick governmental fools 
But condemnation is coming, a eye for an eye 
They sent the children to war, to die for a lie 
And police brutality, punishment piles higher 
My-wy, tornados, floods and wild fires 
No love for inner city children, in the least 
The task force apparent, and killed him in the streets 
It's hard to overcome, and make a pilgrim as your peace 
When you living in a sick, villainous wilderness with beasts 
Looking at the people, and I'm filled up with sorrow 
Knowing what you see today, might not be here tomorrow 
And once you know the truth, of the dragon and his evil 
It's difficult to teach, because the people don't believe you 
We still laughing and joking, and violence provoking 
Knowing we in the days, when God's silence is broken 
Calamities and lesions, skies is wide open 
Eyes being awoken, to the cries of the chosen 
They lied about terrorists, and Iraq to fool us 
The fuelers of the blaze, are arrogant world rulers 
And flying objects you see, that come down to stare at ya 
Are there because they're getting prepared, to wipe out America