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Artist: K-Rino 
Album:  The Day of the Storm 
Song:   Trouble Road 
Typed by: Lil Hustle 

They say time, is a measurement of motion 
Who's presence is more precious, than treasures in the ocean 
I'm coasting through the game of life, back to the wall 
I'm wide open, but my teammates won't pass me the ball 
I'm a mixture of bad and good, rain and sunshine 
Feeling happiness and sadness, at the same time 
I'm draining, in a world where evil is reigning 
The main thing I complain about, is people complaining 
Spirit predators all around me, slithering about 
Snakes no longer in the grass, they living in the house 
I'm mobbing in the treacherous city, that bleeds weapons 
Cause your problems, go from zero to sixty in three seconds 
Cowards lay in the weeds, and invisibly judge me 
My name must be company, cause misery loves me 
Oh Allah, shine down on me cause you're so bright 
Please help me make it through these hours, where there's no light 

[Chorus - 2x] 
I'm cautious and scared, as I walk down trouble road 
Masking my pain, trying not to get my cover blown 
Fighting to get it right, and stay out of that other mode 
Eyes on the big prize, trying to hit the mother load 

I attempt to win it, weak men got pimped and rented 
The first minute that soul selling, was implemented 
I'm in need of a hand, full of righteous seeds 
So I can plant em, and eliminate my trifling deeds 
Young girls getting lazy, the game done flipped 
How the hell you ashamed to work, but not ashamed to strip 
Lil' hustlers on the corner, only knowing one way 
Acting like the dope game, got a 401K 
Boys coming out of prison, with corrupted minds 
Fool bragging talking bout, yeah I just did nine 
Man stop being stupid, and increase your grind 
Quit glorifying, giving that beast your time 
Ain't no rehabilitation, in this treacherous game 
Release a man into the same hell, and expect him to change 
Even pastors and hustlers, is rocking the same 
So instead of going to church, boys watching the game 

[Chorus - 2x] 

The same people, think they know it all need rescue 
Who are you to try to tell God, how to bless you 
It don't matter how you are, they gon' violate 
House full of food, why you eyeballing my plate 
Trust ain't a word, you should mention again 
They'll get you while you still afraid, preemptive revenge 
You can read, but knowledge is only information 
Wisdom is translating, that knowledge to application 
Some say I follow no man, and religion's a hoax 
Imposing on the foolish, but their vision provokes 
They persecute God's people, crack ignorant jokes 
Contributing to he killing, of indigenous folks 
No calm in the forecast, this world is a bomb lit 
Make sure you in a safe place, when the storm hit 
No need to feel like, hope's out of range 
A lot of people want to, but don't know how to change 
Make a 180 not a 360, because 
360's a circle, that puts you back where you was 
We at the fork in the road, as sure as the sun's yella' 
Standing in a brick storm, with a glass umbrella 

With a glass umbrella, yeah 
A glass umbrella, don't walk down trouble road 
Don't walk down trouble road, ha-ha ha