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Artist: Kam Moye (Supastition) f/ Ayah, Phonte
Album:  Splitting Image
Song:   Hello Karma
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[Kam Moye]
Oh you could beg and plead
But Karma's always coming back for you, for real

[Chorus: Kam Moye] + (Ayah)
Deep inside I know that I was wrong but
I apologize, I never meant to harm ya
I know the pain I caused made you stronger
But I'm the one here dealing with this Karma
(There's a consequence to everything you do
 If you're lucky on this earth, it must come back to you
 You know me well, my name is Karma)

[Kam Moye]
Hello Karma, what brings you back this way?
Who am I fooling? I knew that you would be back one day, naturally
You don't got to explain it to me, my soul's tainted
Holy water, hell I need a mediterranean sea
It's a damn shame ain't it, I've done dirt to the ones hurt
That a ball of hellfire should be thrown at me
Karma you know my rap sheet sadly
So I couldn't be mad if one of my homies came and Bobby Womack'd me
But I don't want my kids thinking of me as a vagabond
or a Rolling Stone, every time they look up daddy's gone
I know I lie to my lady like "Baby, them other hoes
They just crazy" while I'm getting my Jimmy swaggered on
But then again you might not be here for women friends
Why pay me back now? It'll balance out in the end
Maybe it's the day I cursed my momma in my teenage years
But my daughter did the same, so that's a clean slate yeah?
I guess I'm tryna prolong the misery
My ex-flame warned me that you would be back to visit me
But I didn't consider advice from that psychotic bimbo
How she gon' tell me bout life, then bust my Honda window?
I'll just be open, I've broken a few hearts
But Karma, I've seen my own one broken in two parts
I ain't tryna cop pleas, but loan me a new start
I guess I'm waisting my time just knowing who you are, you're Karma


Uh, Phontigga, Kam, let's go
Yo, hello Karma, it's Phontigga begging your pardon
I'm sorry, don't mean to be bothering
But I can tell you're following my moves
and for all the shit I did, I should be going to hell on scholarship
So let's talk it out a bit, let's sit down and do some bargaining
like reasonable adults and keep it moderate
Surely you won't take me out my gang
They say you a bitch but I won't call you out your name
Even the road to hell gets off to a good start
So please understand that your boy got a good heart
Just tryna live his life, coaching kids on Saturday morning
to make up for what he do on Friday nights
That's how you know a nigga living right
When he ain't gotta butter up, all in the hopes that it cover up
the fact that a nigga living trife
I begged Karma, she said "Nigga, you kidding right?"
That's when she spoke to me I swear and my heart rate went through the roof
She said "I figured by now you knew the scoop
Silly nigga, I done told your ass, you might be through with your past
But your past ain't through with you
So don't be scared of them guns when they shoot off
Times get tight and you can't get your loot off
Either way I'm coming back to kick you in your ass
But maybe if you lucky, I just might take my boot off", Karma


I told you once, told you twice
But you wasn't doing any right
Yeah-eah.. yeah

{*Outro skit plays for 1:00*}