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Artist: Kane Mayfield
Album:  The Return of Rap
Song:   Shoes
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This beat is fat, that's why, hehe!
Dunn-dunn-dunn... Uh

If you see me, and I see you
and you see what you think that I be, too
We lose... how 'bout you try on my shoes
If you see me, and I see you
and you see what you think that I be, too
We lose... how 'bout you try on my shoes

[Kane Mayfield]
You wake up in the morning, you the king of your castle
Folks doin the most in the post, finish your coffee
Corned beef and get ready for battle
Niggaz always late so you gotta beat traffic
And in the car, you can't speed, a speedy black man is a thief
and see these zip codes that you leave, are magnet for the punk police
Askin you questions like... "Where you get this car?"
Bitch, I own it and if I stole it and was bold enough
to tell you that I stole it, do you think that I would get this far?
He give you a ticket, then you off to the job
..Late again, but they grade black people on a gradient
If you can play along and ignore when they be sayin shit
Like, "You guys make the best athletes!" Heh..
Yeah I know why man, it's cause we have to be
If the only thing keepin you confined in the death and destruction
is a defensive line... then you run his ass over, naturally
Got nothing to do with genetics, that's some bullshit that somebody fed us
So they can take credit, for a black professional
And cut down on pro-black specticals, I'm out..


[Kane Mayfield - in Middle Eastern accent]
It's war where I live
Friends die - men, women and kids
They kill us like dogs, and call us terrorists
So they can drop bombs, and push us like pawns
  He puts down the paper and some young black boys
  Walk into a store, pants sagged to the floor
(What it do!) What does what do? (This nigga fool!)
(Yo, gimme a forty!) I will sell no alcohol to you
Now get out of my store or I will tell your father
(I don't know my father) Because another black man shot him...
(Aiyyo, don't talk about my pops, my nigga, you get shot!)
(That's right) Well I've been shot, and I've been stabbed
And I've been robbed... I've seen boys much younger than you
With a chest full of grenades say a prayer when the pin drops
Somebody shot your father? Well, somebody shot my father
And mother, and brother, they would've shot me but I hid under the bed
Closed eyes, which was fine 'til the blood ran under
...You steal from my store, you steal from the boy
who laid in the blood of his parents on the floor
who prayed one day he'd be safe from the war
If you need, I will give, but to take, it is wrong!
(I didn't-I didn't know...) So, it's $1 for the bag of the corn
chips that you borrowed, please pay me tomorrow