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Artist: Kaos Brought f/ Method Man
Album:  Tag Toe Edition
Song:   Bust Shots (Remix)
Typed by: pneumatic

[Intro: Kaos Brought]
Uhh huh, The remix
Uhh, Yall know what it is
Koas Brought Method Man, (2 Times)
Sack of funk, (Uhh)
Company Records, (What's up B-Way)

[Chorus 2X: Kaos Brought]
Bust shots, Holdin down the rock for the west-a
Suckas want static, I upload the teck-a
Hustle from the block, Shot, Been livin Viesta
Busta who I be, The k to the aos-a

[Method Man]
Church, Now, Uhh Ohh, Like ???
Man if Mef aint that shit by now, I'm soon to be
When I choke hold mics, I don't give em room to breathe
I'm just doin me, But bitch if your fine, I'll do ya free
By now if yall don't know who it be, Don't make me tell
Just know that a killa mic, Like that kid from ATL
If you fail a plan, Baby plan to fail
Man my game ugly, As that nigga Sam Cassell
I'm so funky, I can't even stand to smell, (Come on)
Life’s a drag, Roll it up, Hand in hand
Don't get comfy, I'll clip your style like a monkey
Even then you'll need more than Aston Kutcher to punk me
My 4-5 bars, Just one shot will clear the block like it's time for 106 & Park
Staten Island droppin your ass, We mean business
We quick to put a shot in your ass, Like free clinics


[Kaos Brought]
See death around the corner, Now I'm all up on ya
Silencer on my 4-5, Yeah I'm bout to dome ya
You tell by the weed, That it's California
I-A ready for gun play
I'm masked like OJ from the 5-0 on the freeway for the game
Niggas is wack and lame
I'll knock out your jaw frame and make you mumble my name
I'm thirsty, Niggas can't work me
The Uda, Pussy recruiter, Sharp Shooter, The hood remover
Bullets is all net, That mean I shoot right through ya
Kaos Brought don't give a fuck, What hit ya
You can tell I be startin, Why you hoes up in my Chucks nigga
So get out my path, I feel a wrath
I feel a blast like you opened up the door on back draft
The new Ice Cube, Takin pictures with toe tags
Fuck all that blunt shit, I'm back to Zig Zags
Still feel the calico type of flow, To let a peasant know
That this W coast will do it the most
Fuck all that Docey doe, And Hokey poke
I've been bustin heat with barrels long as telescopes
My Ingle Watts bangas in the cut, Ready to roll
Hennessy drinkin, Wag wavers, And endo smoke
I guess it's bout time I let you punk niggas know
Don't ask me where I'm from, I bang the whole west coast


[Kaos Brought]
You can tell I'm from the west coast, Home of the best smoke
Home of the hood rat, Home of the finest hoes
Home of the octagon, City of the champions
Fuck what your going through, Pass me the marijuan
Niggas get blitzed and be talkin that gangsta shit
Then just hit em with somethin that'll have em fakin they last shit
I go Black Panther style, Against the law
If my right hand jam I start bustin the south paw
Break out the tissue, Hand em out, They gonna miss you
I'ma have your whole family standin in line waitin to kiss you
America's most wanted part dues is in progress
So when you land in LAX you better watch every step
It's filled with land mines, And bomb threats one time
Then suckas with bad ??? is the niggas who meet they maker
Balls so hard, Just call be Mr. Laker
Flashin my card, I'ma world famous player