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Artist: Keelay & Zaire f/ DMinor, Phonte
Album:  Ridin' High
Song:   Alright With Me
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The look, in your eyes
tells me more than any word could ever do
But still, still you try
To my surprise you make all this feel so brand new
When I touch your skin I feel it
Girl, it takes me to the ceiling
No one since had made me feel the way you do
When I dream you're always in it
Every second every minute
I'll insert the perfect specimen in you

[Chorus: DMinor]
See cause I don't need to, ask my people
You're alright with me
Don't care how they see me, proud to be
together, you and me

Now I know, what you think
Don't be mad cause every word I've said is true
People say what they don't mean
like it's impossible to want you like I do
When you're near I'm so excited
So damn much, I just can't hide it
When we kiss, it's like the first time that we do
So electric when I feel it
I don't want, I can't conceal it
From here on out I see a future love with you


Yeah, uh huh, I'ma talk to 'em
Check it out, uh
Love her down, lick her up
Tigga just can't get enough
This groove, please don't interrupt
Don't pause at the mall
People looking like "Damn, how that nigga get with her?"
Cause he's so nasty, she's so classy
Punch-drunk love, we stay liquored up
One-fifty-one proof, shining through the sunroof
Let your hair down girl I gotta give it up, to you!
Yessir! Haha, uh, let's go

[Chorus: 2X]

[Outro: DMinor]
Wax Reform, soul vibe
Little Brother collaboration