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Artist: Kev Brown f/ Phonte & Oddisee
Album:  I Do What I Do
Song:   Beats N' Rhymes
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[Intro] [Phonte talking]
Yeah, y'all know what it is man. Kev Brown
Tryin' to get this nigga to finish the album
Hell, at least start the motherfucker
You know what I'm sayin'?
Drove all the way up from North Carolina to do a lil' somethin'
I'm gonna give it to 'em like this yo
Check it, check it, check it

[Verse One] [Phonte]
Even though they try to hate and defile us
They could never stop Tay from being the foulest
New Jack Swingin'
I break it down like Cal West
Y'all be all be sure to put your doe where your mouth is
And cop everything we come out with
Cause Kev's beats turnin', my rhymes burn like Auschwitz
Niggas had their eye on Phonte form the outset 
Cause I keep things simple and plain/plane like SouthWest
On to higher heights
Put the mic down
This is my advice
Cause Tay make the crowd say "Hoe" like Heidi Fleiss
Hands in the air and
Sonin' these niggas that makes me apparent
Four years ago my girl made me a parent
Four years later Kev's beats we be sharin'
Goin' back in forth in the car straight illin'
And they say I'm raisin' hell, I just call him Dillon
And right now I'm chillin' in Kev's crib
Y'all know who the best is 
When he drop the beat and it bangs
Drove up 95 with sixteen of them thangs
And I'm out till y'all see me again
It's Phontigga c'mon

[Chorus] [Kev Brown]
24-7, 365, I bring it to you live
Whenever we arrive
That's right
It's about that time to get in the state of mind
With beats and rhymes

[Verse Two] [Kev Brown]
Action packed
Hit 'em with the high dosage
Deliver the rap postage
Got it sewn up with no stitch
It's the regular thing
Cell phone got the regular ring
Name got prominence
Write bars like alcoholics check out the audience
Old school, sometimes I'm anti-social
And won't speak, stay cooler than Cochise
Drop poems over the beats to hold the streets
Comin' around
Constant, touchdown like offense
Under my cleats is where the comp is
Either on stage or recordin'
And crossin' my path is where you lose your fortune


[Verse Three] [Oddisee]
How I do it is raw
How I do it is fresh
How I do it to death
Y'all niggas ain't ruinin' pursuing these checks
O on the road to riches and won't slow down for bitches
See I'm programmed for business with no glitches
So I won't get frozen, hold position
With flows that'll go the distance
When I speak, y'all supposed to listen
Like I'm the teach
In a class of my own, like I'm slow, I'm kiddin'
But on some real shit
Oddisee means journey so when I rap y'all niggas on some field trips
Welcome to the nation's capitol
Greater Washington 
My nigga, we after loot
If you talk about rap music around here and our names ain't in it
Then you really ain't in attendance
So quit pretendin'
Yo Kev
Tell 'em thank me cause they style been invented 
Low Budget forever in it
And I'm out