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Artist: K.Flay
Album:  I Stopped Caring In '96
Song:   Nothing at All
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

It's Saturday morning
And I drank too much coffee
Some people say there's no such thing as too much coffee
But I say there is such thing
See, see, see, see

See I thought it might be easier to be who I'm not
Took a sip, now uno mas
I'm lots of things but none of them interesting
Thinking about my dreams and hopes, just jokes
I've told myself to close the holes in my brain
Getting older by the second
Inching forward toward my grave
Wondering what's the lesson
I'd rather be dumb than smart
I'd rather make shit than art
I'd rather just sit and watch the ships depart
Every mark I, mark I, mark I make is a b-side
Besides all I eat's freeze dried, harbinger of my demise
The dude telling you it's a ruse well he's right
Packing up a parachute and a pair of Levi's
Apocalypse coming blank pages I'm thumbing
The gyres keep widening til I am number
Than gums at a dentist just covered with gauze
Gasping for gas, trapped in the jaws

Don't you set me straight, I've got it square
Squandering my youth, but I don't care
What I feel is nothing at all
What I feel is nothing at all, all

Scratch, scratch, scratching at my shins
First season Mad Men on in the background
Can't stop laughing
Half of what I do is purposeless
Windex-ing surfaces, vultures circling
I'm searching for what on earth this really is
You can catch me in a Super 8
Things are going super great
Melting my mental space is how I'm losing weight
I'd rather be thin and hungry than happy and fat
I'd rather be uninformed than face the facts
Re-relax I'm choking on a splinter with a termite
Ermines living like they're kings cause their fur's nice
Feel myself trapped somewhere between LA and Irvine
Doubtful that the shards of my fractured mind will survive
Eyeing the traffic light, but I'm not yielding
Left arm if left hanging, glued to the ceiling
A feeling like this could get out of control
Ten in my pocket, got money to blow