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Artist: Joe C f/ Kid Rock
Album:  South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut
Song:   Kyle's Mom's a Big Fat Bitch
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Kid Rock]
Tell you bout Kyle's momma..
Ha ha hah..
Straight out the trailers..
Joey C

[Joe C]
Kyle's momma is a big fat bitch
She's the biggest bitch I know and she stinks like shit
Remember back in the day when she was skinny? (Yeah)
Now she's lumpy, but still thinks she's pretty (heh)
I just laugh, and walk on past
Sayin, "Shit god damn that's a big fat ass!"
Fuck that slut, she's a big fat trick
but I still let her suck this ten foot dick! (hah ha ha)
Joe C, I'm a crazy hit
Down with Kid Rock and the Southpaw Click (yeah)
I don't know much, but I know this shit
Kyle's momma is a big fat bitch!

Chorus: Kid Rock

Kyle's momma is a big fat bitch (3X)
[Joe] She's a three-toed, stanky-ass, cross-eyed bitch!

[Kid Rock]
Uh-huh.. Kid Rock.. check it..
My homey named Kyle lives up the block
He's got a big fat mom, that sucks my cock, uhh
Non-stop, she's a sight to see
A real sloppy bitch, that does right by me
She might be the best suck in the mountains
Ten times a week - but shit, who's countin?
I'm astounded by the things she does
She's the suckinest, fuckinest, freak there ever was
She ain't a slut she's a super-groupie
and I pass that bitch around like a doobie
I don't know much, but I know this
Kyle's mom is a big fat bitch!


[Kid Rock]
Ohhhhhhh shit!
Tell em Joe

[Joe C]
I'm Joe C, the C stands for Cool
I might be a fuck, but I ain't no fool (uh-uh)
I just rolled from South Park to Boulder
Caught Kyle's mom trippin on X, so I bowled her
Then I sold her, cause I'm like that
Little freak-ass pimp, but you know that (nah)
I'm just mad, gold tracks, like I'm Puffy
Colorado bitches ain't shit but yuppies
Whattup?  I'm the J-O-E
to the motherfuckin C in the place to be (uh, uh, yeah)
I don't know much, but I know this
Kyle's momma is a big fat beotch!


[Kid Rock]
He heh heh!  Yup, that's right
Joey C, Kid Rock, ?? ??
This goes out to all the fat bitches of the world
Heh, yup yup yup
Time to drink some wine