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Artist: Kida f/ Busta Rhymes, Crooked I, Jay Rock, Kurupt, Little Brother, Talib Kweli, Willie B 
Album:  The Endemic
Song:   Holla! (Remix)
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[Intro - sample from Missy Elliott's "Get Ur Freak On"]
Listen to me now, I'm lastin twenty rounds
And if you want me (PEOPLE!) then come on get me now (YES)
Is you with me now (YES) then biggie biggie bounce (YES)
I know you dig the way I sw-sw-switch my style
HOLLAAAA!!!! HOLLA-HOLLA-HOLLAAAAAA!!! {Seige Monstrosity...}

[Phonte] Kida, what up?

[Verse One: Kida]
What up!
You better {HOLLA!} at Kida if you wanna hear a classic
Who got a line-up of sick rappers, tell me who's that kid
Step up to the limelight so fast
Grabbin your cash, rhymin and pickin at what you rappers lack
Single wood to the fullest since I stepped in
I rock red but don't compare him to Mack 10
Rolls with a Benz, hope they horn's like a mac-10
I'm so fashion; it's later for you bastards!

[Verse Two: Busta Rhymes] (Sample courtesy of "Get Ur Freak On" by Missy Elliott)
You see I'm tryin to get this bread and if you not don't even bother
Talkin to me cause I'm out here tryin to get a billion dollars (HOLLA!!!)
The proper hustler better fine with a scholar (HOLLA!!!)
When it comes to diamonds and wearin Escada (HOLLA!!!)
Mami pretty like she in a beauty parlor
Let me take you to the telly and give ya somethin to swallow
(*HOLLA!!!) I make the party hotter than a sauna
Everytime a nigga come through you know you always gotta!!! (HOLLA!!!)

[Verse Three: Phonte]
It's only one who could hang with this focus
Do my thang to make sure my name ain't misquoted
I don't do it for the fame or lane to get noticed
Tay's a +Gift+, won't beat +Taylor Swift+ bolded
I'm made for this moment, flow sick as E. coli
Rule just like the Ayatollah, know I
do not follow, and I scream holla
But fuck wit Tay, you take an L/el, nigga - íHola!

[Chorus 2X: Sample courtesy of "Get Ur Freak On" by Missy Elliott]
Listen to me now (YES), is you with me now? (YES)
I know you dig the way I sw-sw-switch my style (YES)
I know you dig the way I sw-sw-switch my style
I know you dig the way I sw-sw-switch my style

[Verse Four: Kurupt]
AY, AY, AY...
Like, West West who's the best I contest
In the Venus, in the act, Venus flytrap
Get ya caught up nine milla, nigga cock back
Roadkill my nigga South Central eyes clap
And if you got a problem with that
Then we'll go hit Compton where problem is at
Kida I'm fuckin with ya 'til the whole block stop
Original like Baby CJ and Kida Rock

[Verse Five: Rapper Big Pooh]
(Rapper!) Everybody putcha hands in the air
If you standin in the buildin, wave 'em in the atmosphere!
Yea! Now I got my point across clear
I'm inclined to design a rhyme to show you why I'm here!
Captain of the ship, you just watchin from the pier!
Your girl over here, listen to her while she cheer!
All hail the king, take a knee, kiss the ring
You can leave witcha pride if you do the right thing, holla!

[Verse Six: Crooked I]
C.O.B., read the letters on the gold chain
I ain't like yours, I started my own gang
I move 100 pounds every time the phone rang
I'm a two-stepper, you can do the Soul Train
I'm the king of the West, I ain't hearin it
The tampon flow pussy, I'm the best period!
I could lay the blueprints to build a pyramid
Why I gotta tell you that I'm fresh when the mirror did


[Verse Seven: Talib Kweli]
Elder Blacksmith is in the building...
Aiyyo I know this one chick she hit the club with a passion
She took the night that's right she cold smashed 'em
Assassin, dressed in the latest Couture fashion
Drink never spill when she walk she multi taskin
Just like Hanna Montana I call her Miley
Got it locked, naturally, India.Arie
Dudes love to hear the word L-O-L and a smiley
Faces but she know her place is right beside me 

[Verse Eight: Jay Rock]
Ohh - it's Jay Rock, niggaz know what the business is
One shot kill and I ain't leavin no witnesses
For realer I'm a gorilla, bananas with the flow
Niggaz want problems I keep banana clips on you hoes
Respect it or check it, I ain't the one to mess with
Make 'em holla if I pull it, the bullet enters and exits
Life's so precious and you could lose it in seconds
When it's heat to your necklace give it up with no questions

[Verse Nine: Willie B]
Hollaaah... for a dolla when you see me, girl
Your man a hater, 'cause he really wanna be me, girl
Him stay winnin, him in fresh linen
Women stay grinnin, den dem start sinnin
Sippin on a Goose, she looser than a noose
She hang off my nutsack, she throw'd her butt back
Yea, catch a nigga and ya bitch bare
'Cause I get long dough, no French bread