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Artist: Frost f/ Baby Bash, Fingazz, Mr. Sancho
Album:  Til the Wheels Fall Off
Song:   Baby Girl
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Chorus: Fingazz
Baby girl
I wanna let you know that you are
Looking good
And I wanna get to know you better
Baby girl
And you can make a wish on a star
Like me
You'll see
I can fulfill all your fantasies

Pre-Verse: Mr. Sancho
Baby girl
Yo, mami
Ain't no one in here, doin' it big like me
Baby girl
And you might be
The only one in here that gets to leave with me

[Verse 1: Mr. Sancho]
I can feel you starin' at me from across the room
Your juicy lips call my attention, and it's all to the good
What's up, ma, let me buy you a drink
Get to the back
V.I.P. is how we're livin', ma, we do it like that
I like you
Why don't we spend some time
Get to know each other better so that you can be mine
So fine
Let's take our time
Only here for one night, girl, do you wanna be mine

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Baby Bash]
Pop the corks, on the bubble, it's about that time
For me and you to get together like Corona with lime
You so fine
Blessed with a big behind
Let's elevate and celebrate
Cause you know we gon' shine
Hop in the chrome
My grand daddy purple is blown
And tell that huero who be stalkin' you to leave you alone
It's all good
Separate the real from the fake
It's all good
Come live on the hill with the lake
You know it's nothin' for me to keep, you blessed and laced up
You like it from the back
But you love it face up
Uh hun
Fly like the heavenly breeze
Uh hun
Da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da I mean

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Frost]
S'up, ma
You lookin' so fine
Can you spare a moment of your precious time
What will it
Take, girl, to make you mine
I could lace you up, girl, and make you shine
Anything you want to do, girl, I'm cool with
I wanna get it on with you, girl, I'll prove it
If you wanna roll with me, then let's do this
Girl, I can't wait to see, how you do it
We can get blown
And take another shot of Patron
We leave the club so we can be alone
Two days later, girl, I'm taking you home
She lovin' me, steady blowin up my phone

Repeat Chorus

Baby girl
Baby girl