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Artist: Killa Kyleon
Album:  Purple Punch
Song:   Tha Mobb Flow
Typed by: Lil Hustle

(I'm rich bitch), how in the fuck you gon count me out nigga
I ain't a number job nigga, (no sir)
I'm one of the hottest motherfuckers walking six ten, (believe that nigga)
Killa Gorilla nigga recognize the name motherfucker, run it

I got the streets on lock, from the Wards to the Gardens
Woods to the Homes, call Killa Warden
Shit I'm starting, if you talking bout beefing
My 4-5 piece, will leave you in the streets leaking
Killa keep it hood, like A's on a Monday
I'm God like Sunday, legendary like Gaunde
Ball like Fundy, pocket full of cash flow
'Gar full of major gray, cook full of castro
Oil I'm spoiled, not dull but I'll leave a nigga
Shirt full of red, like graffiti
That's what happens, when these rich niggaz don't feed the needy
The sheep turn to wolves, the wolves get greedy
My ese Gonzalez, get the work to me speedy
Break a brick down to crack, get it rock like Peedi
I'd be damned if I starve, I'ma let the streets feed me
That fast food, yeah that cash rule the block need me
And cut and call me Scab, but you suckers can't bleed me
Or pull down my pants and fuck me I ain't easy, believe me
Try and mislead me, or sell me a dream
I ain't buying that, so quit trying that I'm supplying that
Hard white or soft, enough bricks to build a building strapped
To my fender walls, riding dirty like Chamili-
Tary, fuck with Kyleon it get scary
I'll have you in a box, buried in a cemetery nigga

That's right nigga, the flow is self explanatory nigga
This is a no brainer really, go do your homework on me cocksucker
It's strictly street round here nigga, D1-F the gang I rep nigga
Respect that nigga, that name ring bells like LL nigga
Yeah and oh yeah, as for them rulers and them speculations
It is what it is nigga, don't get mad
Go get you some money nigga
Step your motherfucking game up nigga, Killa