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Artist: Killa Kyleon
Album:  Welcome to Tha Hood
Song:   Lean Back
Typed by: Lil Hustle

Boss Hogg Outlawz, yeah
Yeah-yeah, Killa

[Hook - 2x]
See my niggaz don't dance, we just go in our pants
And, pull the glock and spray

K to the Wizz-I, L to the E-zie
Not Snoop D-O-double G, but he off the heezie
Diamond chain and the big badge, got 'em freezy
Houston we have a problem, please believe me
I'm the hottest, from Compton to Queens
In Dead End, I'm the cat that they bump in the 'Leans
And on the way to the club, 'fore they jump in they jeans
I be all in they walkman, while they pump to the fiends
Here's a sample, and you ain't got to clear it
I be the shit round this bitch, you gon know it 'fore you hear it
So, lean back like Fat Joe
Before this gat blow, and leave your face swoll up like Sachmo
I'm at the top, way ahead of you motherfuckers
Not Bernie Mac, but I ain't scared of you motherfuckers
I got novacaine shots, that'll deaden you motherfuckers
When I pull out the glock, and put lead in you motherfuckers
You get put, in a bag like trash
When I ride on your ass, like glass
Now you a memory, a thing of the past
When I cock back, and put sixteen in your mask
I run Houston, like I's the mayor
And I don't pimp to these hoes, cause I's a playa
I'm a pimp, I'll leave tricking to you guys to pay her
I just scoop her up, and take her to the Telly and lay her
I keep heat, like a bon fire
I retired my hands with Jigga Man, all you get is gun fire
Now knuckle up, and try to fight the bullet
And see if you Bruce Leeroy, and can fight the bullet bitch

Boss Hogg Outlawz, Day 1 Familia
You're now officially in the hood, ya know
You hitting the corners, but while you hitting the corners
Here's a few thangs, you need to know about
"Boyz N Blue" it's in stores now, so go pick that up
Sir Daily & Lil' Mel "Money Hungry" that's in stores now
So go pick that up, then we got PJ "The Rap Hustler" coming
That's July 30th, also be on the look out
For the "Boyz N Blue" DVD, and we got the soundtrack
"The Boyz N Blue G-Mixes", it's gon be some good shit
Coming your way mayn so, while you in the hood
Keep that on your mind, and fuck with your boy
And hit the sto', hey-hey-hey Killa