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Artist: Killa Kyleon
Album:  Welcome to Tha Hood
Song:   Rock-N-Roll
Typed by: Lil Hustle


Rock and rolling, roll and rock
I got techs AK, 4-4's and glocks
I got wet and weed, X and drank
And I can get you bricks, when the Mexicans can't
Think you iller than Killa, gon bet your bank
I'm number one right now, boy you next in rank
Since I hooked up with Slim, I stay at the bank
Like I got a job in it, I ain't gotta rob in it
I just rob in it, with my cash in hand
While you in the long line, getting cash advance
You come to me begging, I'ma pass your hand
You say your click balling, why you can't ask your man
But my click keep paper, like school supplies
Keeping bitches on dick, like food to flies
We take niggaz bitches, you'll lose your wives
And if you plexing, then you just might lose your lives
But if you feel me, po' your fo's up
And if you got some good dro, get it rolled up
I'm the dopeman, I got the block sewed up
You gotta feel me, cause it's like that
We the Fam nigga, we the Fam nigga
We the Fam nigga, you gotta feel me cause it's like that