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Artist: Killarmy (Beretta 9) f/ Prodical
Album:  Fear, Love & War
Song:   Trilogy
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[Beretta 9]
Eh yo
Dead smacked, the middle of war
One gun, one clip, one man and fan of some shit
Eh yo, it's deep, mad slugs comin at me
Should I say, "Fuck it"?
Kick the bucket, get out this duck shit
Knowin in my mind that it's not my time
I live 3 sides back, coward? Nah, I got 9
Should I flip the clip? Should I run for the whip?
Should I go for the kill? Should I make it a skit?
I took a breather, caught my wind
Bust 2 shots, spend dough, damn, lost one Timb, man, fuck it!
Shot once more and again, 5 left, shit's real
I fell out, bustin my 10
Shook it off, jumped up, kid, just my luck
Another gum mister posted up right by the truck
Where the snitchin? I gave him all 5 then I grabbed his gun
This cat forgot about the safety (How could you look to be that dumb?)
Laughin, ready for blastin, hype click chess llam' man
One nigga left and I'm ready to ask him
"What did you think? What the fuck did you drink?"
Shot touchin him slow, than I made an escape

[Chorus: Beretta 9]
It's like, for real kid, livin the life, it's like trilogy
Part 1, part 2, 3, I guess it's meant to be
Cuz that's the way it be, forever will I be
Wise to the fact that it's all real

I used to chill with Shaquille and Talil, ill out in Brownsville
Robbin everythin walkin and breathin up in Cypress Hill
Skillful criminals kept automatics and gadgets
And any tragic, day and night, they ran havoc
Caught up in the wombs of Brooklyn
It's dusty, cold blooded, the block flooded
Jay robbin niggas for their budget
Him and his son, on the run, sellin jums and guns
Havin fun, becomin well known for packin chrome
In '86, shackin up with this bitch
Him and his click, 1 and 6, stackin cheddar like bricks
But as time flew, they caught a soldier on the Avenue
Eternal revenues lead Jakes to Langston Hughes
Raped his moms lab, they got the tab and where's that crab
nigga Jab? Send a scab to wrath there, he ate a bloodbath
They found his corpse up in B-Boy Projects
No objects, no suspects, broken neck with a holey vest
Another case of homicide, unsolved
He should've known to never get involved with the brawl
He lost it all