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Artist: Killa Tay f/ Brotha Lynch Hung, Marvaless, Lunasicc 
Album:  Snake Eyes (and "Killa Tay's Thug Thisle") * 
Song:   So Serious 
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* Thug Thisle version has a re-mastered beat and shorter ending 

[Killa Tay] 
I'm mastermindin the plot, you ???? the spot 
Wicked intentions, sensin friction, when the funk gon' pop
I tote my heat, and hold my ground 
They know I clown 
Pistol whippin and strippin em 
Down to they riches, rapin they bitches 
Nigga it's a, jack move, 187, count yo blessin 
Hollow tips fire from all directions, leavin em wetted 
Yo pieces deleted from existence, don't make no difference 
I'm bangin like Metallica, serve any challenger 
With a tre 8 caliber, fuckin em up like Algebra 
From Cali to Florida, call the coroner 
I'm missing in action, packin a full clip, for the bullshit 
I told my nigga Lynch I got his back face 
What's up now, ????? 

[Brotha Lynch Hung] 
Killa Tay, and I'm jackin the ditch 
From the shit that get spit to take a lock on the dick 
Like a red nosed pick nigga 
I don't really give a shit about they life man 
Off that night train 
Cut they fuckin throat wit a knife man 
And that's right man 
Leave em layin in the cut 
With they guts cut up what up 
Put ya nuts up, on the shelf with no help 
I'm so hell I'm so stealth, (I'm so, I'm so) 
Nigga, Mr. know where to be contacted 
Just bombsack it, tell my momma how I'm actin 
When I'm packin I got my practice 
In, I'm off that gin, losin wind(What you waitin for) 
I'm waitin for the show to begin, half past ten thirty 
Reverend like James, straight up strange 
Shootin range, twenty four feet 
Leave you off the earth with this heat 
Leave you in the street, human meat 
Believe me, I still be workin this like a thug(Like a thug) 
Put you in the back of the Coupe DeVille 
Take you to the alley, shoot to kill 
Fuck that I gotta buck back(Nigga) 
Fuck that(Nigga) 
I ain't goin out like no zombie 
Nigga smokin all that bomb weed 
You possess and yes, I'm strapped like tombstone 
Ready to pull out the Rafe, man, clackin wit Killa Tay 
Lunasicc, Marvaless 

Like Jason, and CamCrystals with a pistol, 
chainsaw and merchetti when the funk start, we ready 
Like Jason and CamCrystals with a pistol, 
chainsaw and merchetti, we serious about that fetti 

Paper chase, but still credit to large accounts 
Survive by the ounce all in the mix 
Just as deep as it gets, ??? no counterfeits 
Strictly bout my six, but don't ever doubt it 
My niggaz is bout it 
For the love of the money and game 
Shakin you niggaz is funny 
It's just somethin about, the way the game get spit 
Cali niggaz find a ??? in, for the scrilla strictly ballin 
I figure a bitch nigga be the first to test 
The first to get blessed 
Not the one to stress I'm too complex 
And my mind-state, no contest 
Hot what I do so it takes a god to do what I must 
Never had no trust 
Cuz niggaz will snitch 
Go on some other shit real quick 
Scholar, bout that dollar, make you holla, make you feel it 
Drop wit Killa, we the realest 
Cali niggaz runnin the chain up 

Double C, the gangsta with the glock in the cut 
Identify the busta, aim first, then I bust 
Creepin with the mask, blast on any nigga that move 
Put my bitch in the back seat, cuz my AP need room 
I got a real crew of niggaz, ain't no punks in my squad 
Bitch, to get away, drive, but don't leave till the bank get robbed 
I wear Khaki Pants, Levi Jeans, and Hilfiger's 
Puttin em on they back like they drunk off liquor 
So throw them rags up 
If niggaz trippin, we catch em slippin, hold them 9's up 
Blast on they ass, flash on they ass 
Light my weed up, I like to get away high 
On the cut postin like Pac 
Niggaz scream til I die, I'm no lie 

[Chorus] - 2x