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Artist: King Mez & Khrysis f/ Phonte
Album:  The King's Khrysis EP
Song:   The King's Khrysis
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[King Mez]
This how you end it
Uh, a young King, always I had known it
but didn't know what to call it, maybe I telephone it
I just knew that I was different, wasn't livin for moments
{?} Gotti's tone, I ain't, nobody's clone
I mean, I want that throne, it ain't gotta be the main one
Just as long as don't nobody livin got the same one
So I keep utensils closed, my pen is my brain's gun
Momma told me, "When you 'bout yo' business, boy you bring one"
So, this is the close as you get to seein me unprepared
Because I won't be, so lyrically tryna fold me
My writtens is called a fractional, slippin is called subtraction
My mission is causin action, these country niggas is slackin
Yeah, do all that crackin when they was callin 'em wack
And cheatin all of his raps and distraction writin in classes
Now you see how they actin, see and feel all that passion
All them cameras flashin, couldn't even imagine how I feel
...Growing into my title
No way, from any rival, they auto think of survival
Because they know that I'm libel to hop up on tracks and embarrass 'em
Faces be avacado, honestly homey I know
If you ain't got no pain, you will not understand like I do
I won't do this in vain, it ain't no blood on me and my crew
I won't be part of chains, I'm too intelligent to follow
I got heart, you niggas hollow! Just call me Rollow
[Phonte]'s Phontigga
King Mez, waddup? Young Khrysis on the beat
And nigga, I cut yo' shit in half 'cause I ain't feel like waitin
Uh, wack verses, I don't own one
Bullshit is not in my possesion, and that's without a question
Word to Kweli and Khrysis dawg, +I'm On One+
Sprint like a Kenyan, I'm in it for the long run
Ask me for your opinion, we all got a strong one
I've been livin with 'em since I made song one
back in '99, but for praise I do not live
Spit it like Yoda, a FUCK I do not give
I'm on a high still, I'm overpowerin
Phontigga towerin, all over you niggas like the Eiff-el
I will kill this, still it's rap niggas
claimin they sick with no symptoms of illness
You clear for work, hoe nigga, go and get a job
or hit the net and cry about it - fuck it, get a blog!
I be sangin but with rap, shit I'm still involved
Make 'em say, "Chu'uch~! ?Mostenveur? Synagogue" 
This is what I'm in it for, I can taste the dreamers
I pace the ring, gettin ready for the title, wait-
I'm co-starring, sparrin with King Mez 
I show love to the young Gs', they help me stay in fightin shape
North Carolina is back on the bih'ness
'til all competition get back on the benches
Take off my Fedora, put back on the fitted
Like this y'all, this fall, I'm back on you niggas!
Eh-hahaha, yeah...