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Artist: King Tee f/ Ice Cube
Album:  The Triflin Album
Song:   King Tee's Beer Stand *
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

*       this song was originally a St. Ide's Malt Liquor commercial
        it's appearance on promotional St. Ide's mixtapes caused
        public outcry, and both the tape and the commercial were pulled

[King Tee]

Now step up, to the King Tee's beer stand
And let me know what beer is grand
No no wait, I got somebody that might convince ya
Hold up hold up wait

[Ice Cube]

Once again it's on, I'm goin out the front do'
Ice Cube in the glass house, headed for the sto'
To get a beer that's better than the rest
The S-T-Period-I-D-E-to-the-S
And it'll put hair on your chest
In the black can, so won'tcha grab a six pack and
Get your girl in the mood quicker
Get your jimmy thicker, with St. Ide's Malt Liquor

[King Tee]

Hold up hold up
So when you get a forty, roll to the spot
Hug and kiss your girl and screw the cap off the top
And get a taste of the beer that makes you tingle
And just remember that jingle


Here's something that sweepin the nation by surprise
It's that fabulous malt liquor they call St. Ide's