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Artist: King Just
Album:  Go N On Em'
Song:   Don't Sleep
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus 2X: King Just]
You should of never went to sleep
What makes you think that I will creep
You were mad, cuz I cheated on your sheet
Now you wanna put the blame on me

[King Just]
They all ready, I ain't fucked you all
New York Yank, with the basket, two balls
Put your feet up, put your knees up
Stop complaining when I put it in your guts
Handcuffs, whips and I don't give a fuck
Bend over baby let me put it in your butt
Yeah, I like it rough, you like it hardcore
I don't know why you even came with panties on
Nasty like porn, and I'm a Capricorn
And that's why I don't stop I like pussy warm
Panty raider, storm your dorm
Pushing your bush on the White House lawn
Get up and use the bathroom when I'm gone
Just relax and see the hurt in Mr. Choke Armstrong
Them same buns that same night
Come on, ya'll, you know that ain't right

[Chorus 2X]

[King Just]
I put the best of them, put the rest of them
And I wasn't in fucking much stress to them
Did I mention them, did I fuck your friend
I made 'em pack it up like Mexicans
Travel Lexington, for my next to kin
Call me Duncan, when I'm on the skins like Tim
Hey, man, come on, duh-deh-duh-deh
Ain't my fault that nigga in ten
Can I get a BUMP BUMP, can I get a EH EH
I'mma mention represent, where my hoes at, know that
That they daddy mack, just because we on they back
Hold my crack, pass my gat, lick me here, fuck me back
Know these raps, pay them bills
The fans from the Hill, collect 20 mil
On my deal, keep me in the field
That's why I'm so real, for real
Mr. Chokeback, stroke, fuck with the bad hopes
Cowboy shoot, gun suit with a lasso
Cat so graceful, gun pull
Girl you choke more shit than bull
Fans, here comes me and my mans
And we got plans to make that pussy expand
God damn, KJ at it again
I fuck at a hotel, her friend, you heard, you heard
I fuck at a hotel, her friend, you heard?

[Chorus 2X]