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Artist: King Just
Album:  Go N On Em'
Song:   Go N On Em'
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Hook: King Just]
We bout to go n on em'
We bout to go n on em'
We bout to go n on em'
We bout to go n on em'

[Chorus: King Just]
Funny how MC's wanna take my style
Funny-funny how MC's wanna take my style
Fu-fu-funny how MC's wanna take my style
I gave birth to you child, you ain't wild-wild-wild

[Hook + Chorus]

[King Just]
The first man to go in, the last vet to come out
Hand grenade raps that'll blow down your whole house
C4 noteboook, booby trap when you take a look
Need a dope chorus? Call Captain Hook
Bishop take rook, king take bishop
The first rap that ever go platinum with a snippet
Got Remi, sip it, daddy long dick it
Got white boys in the Southshore that say he wicked
Still in the trenches, oh, did I mention?
Still blow trees off Park Hill benches
High percentage, booking the 1, 2, Oh
Coppin' ounces, of that blue hydro
Luke Sky flow, force of the Jedi
Want rude boy wanna come test INI
What fucker is you deal with, KJ, still the shit
Who You, make hits, Miz beats, ultimate
What if I went Def and signed with the Jam
Among the SoSo and made J.D. the man
Look Puff, I got a plan, give me the loot
For five mil, I'll dance around in a shiny suit
Nah, you'd probably try to switch my flow
I'd rather thug out on the industry than sign with the Row
I wanna roll in tight whips, every day
I wanna own my own PJ's like Cash Money
I wanna say what was never said, ask a dread
If the gun would of went off, would you left me for dead?
When you was up north sick, I sent you medics
I told you lay low and back down from the feds
But you ain't listen, you said they owe
Got down with them, you said you'd blow
Word around town is now you owe
And it's all for the love of dough, really though, yo



[Hook + Chorus]