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Artist: King Just
Album:  Go N On Em'
Song:   Sign Language
Typed by: Cno Evil

[King Just]
They tell me to speak my mind, so I speak it in rhyme
Any mountain that you put me in front of, I climb
Any MC going against me, I'll outshine
Bottom line, you wanna test mine, what is the yellow line
I ain't fronting with mines, I bark out like two nines
And leave you paralyzed like a broke up spine
Heard you wanna take mine, through the grapevine, before I resign
I'mma show mankind, that I'm
The greatest that ever lived, too competitive
You overdose niggas need to take a sedative
Friend, foe or relative, I don't care who it is
Handle your biz, and can't even feed your kids
Feel my pain, like if you was in my brain
They know my name, like it was the hall of fame
But I'm ashamed, outcast like old Eddie Kane
My heart beats for the streets, for which one came
Whose to blame, mom, the seed never had
Or was it pops who never want to be dad
Or was it my sister, thought I'd never be shit
or was it my brother, who traded me at the last supper
Crucify, I, why, as I look towards the sky
Lord, I'd rather die, before I lose my pride
Quiet on the inside, dedicate this like if I
Want to get over, high, fuck getting by sober
Drug user, alcohol abuser
Number one loser, who stay stoned like Medusa
Used to care what people talked about me
Now I sit back and listen how they all doubt me
And doubting me is like doubting yourself
Besides the niggas I fuck with, you don't know nobody else
That can come close and get a dose of this upmost
Who hang with them rich cats and work for the poor folks
Mister Chokearm, will choke on
Until I become a living legend, dead and gone
And even in my afterlife, I'mma be right
Kicking it with Biggie and Pac, like let me get a light
On spite, they wanna shoot down my flight
The God of rap, I breath MCs to life
Off spite, niggas it's gon' be alright
All night, it's the Arabian Nights