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Artist: Kirko Bangz f/ Ken Randle
Album:  Progression III (Mixtape)
Song:   Rain Down
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Rain down girl
Rain down girl
Tonight I got time to make it all better
Tonight I got time to make it all wetter
Rain down girl
(baby won't you let me)
Rain down girl
(rain down baby)

[Verse 1: Ken Randle]
Ima lick you from your feet to your neck girl
Let a H-Town nigga get it right girl
Girl I just want to know
If you gon let it flow
Can we take it to the floor babe
I got somethin to show you babe
And I don't mind going down low
If that's what its gon take to make your body rain
Rain down girl
Rain down girl
I could bring your pain down girl
In the back seat with your face down girl
Had to put it down
I'm reppin for that H-Town girl


[Verse 2: Kirko Bangz]
Lights down low
I like to see what I'm doin
Girl when I take my time baby
You know that rain gon fall
Drip drop it baby
Can't stop it baby
You want to use your hand
Ima watch you babe
We in the lobby baby
They watchin baby
You can take your time
So I got you baby
On the floor right now
I can't speed it up
But I can lick you down
Or I can beat it up
Girl take my phone
Girl take my phone
They all want to be that one
They all wont leave me alone
Cuz they know I can make it