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Artist: KJ-52
Album:  It's Pronouced Five Two
Song:   Ya Bref Stank
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It was after the show and he came by
He walked over and he said hi
He opened his mouth and I wanted to cry
I felt a tear run down my eye

I said sirrrrrrr ya bref stank
I said sirrrrrrr ya bref stank
I said sir ir ir ir, ya bref sta sta stank
Sir I gotta tell ya, ya bref stank

Ya see kids, here is the reason why
His breath smelled like somethin died
All I wanted to do is jus run and hide
I looked at him and I jus replied


I know it was mean just to be honest wit you
What else could I say, what else could I do
He jus kept sayin, Hello, Hallelujah, how are you?
I leaned over and I started to puke