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Artist: K.M.D.
Album:  Black Bastards
Song:   Sweet Premium Wine
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"Forget it, here let's have a drink"
"You're drinking too much of that wine of yours"
"I'm fine, why don't you and I have a drink?"
"But of course there's no wine in the world like...(sweet premium)"

[Zev Love X]
Boom Boom Tap

(Sweet premium (8x))
(Sweet!) (16x)

[Zev Love X]
(know what I'm sayin?)
Boom crack
C'mon two, one check it out
Sweet Premium
See me I'm chillin' like the maniacal villian that I am
Pull a scam
It's my kind of jam buddy pal, see
first name Al last name Key-holic
I never fill my toilet with guts
what's up why they shut down do-the-butts store for?
If I had a dime for every quarter last year
I paid some ol' dude to get beer for me from 7-11
Zev and crew mad ho he say
fuck some odd D-A rap wrecked over ooh(?) break
He shoulda saved it for eight bucks in his pocket
he coulda used the loot for ice on his eye socket
old daddy looked like his age matched his ounces (Yeah!)
I guess that's how the B-Boy bounces as he bops
and drops the empty bottle, near the sewer
I dose like two or twenty with my crew
Oh yeah, I knew a old lady, who swallowed St. Ides
I don't know why she swallowed St. Ides
Some use the EZ wides
other strip the Philly sheets
I feel like big willie
Watch my brothers get illy with the sweets

(Sweet!) (16x)
(Sweet Premium wine!)

("Hey, you know what this is?")
("Sweet Premium Wine!")
(Hey, you know what this?)
(Sweet Premium wine!)

You know I'm complex-cated like a Rubic's Cube puzzle
Who said I drink? I don't drink I guzzle till I'm distorted
I'm known as the brain boggler
No Listerine! I'm the alchahol burgalar
Don't drink that, that ain't OE in it
Gary peter plays too much it's all pee in it
I'll be livin' in the bottle
I be in it to win it, or maybe even steal it
Yo let me top the bottom
It better be cold, let me feel it
I got stress I sip booze to heal it
Take your time, relax your mind
I relax fine with premium wine
Your body, yeah now that's what I'm talkin
"I been watchin you watchin me" hawkin that ass
I tag and then dip
I'll still be bad as hell if I slip, stagger or trip
Don't try to flip on me
First I'll warn you
Then burst a whole wine bottle on you
Won't wanna be ya, see ya flat on concrete
You know the time, you know the grime
I call that nigga sweet

(Sweet!) (16x)

("Hey, you know what this is?")
("Sweet Premium Wine!")
(Hey, you know what this?)
(Sweet Premium wine!)
(Hey, you know what this?)
(Sweet Premium wine!)
(Hey, you know what this?)
(Sweet Premium wine!)

"Want some more wine?"
"I got some Sweet you reckon you can get it?"
"Sweet premium, you bastard, die!"
"Uh! I'll kill you bastard!"