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Artist: K.M.D.
Album:  Mr. Hood
Song:   Figure Of Speech
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[Zev Love X-Talking]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Imma set it off, Imma set it off soft
And smooth, and smooth, yo, yo, listen to this groove.
? and it's about to move me, yeah, yo ?

[Zev Love X]
I start it off with an answer, love smokes no cancer stick
But on a dancers dick, there's a romancer of a rhyme text
Time check timex, timeout, I'm X, for silence it's signex
? one what one did lesser one hundred
Since duckets is under it, the cause stays funded
Time says disperse the necessary to trigger release
More verses and speeches from X this figure of speech

(You are nuthin but a) figure of speech

[Zev Love X]
Verse two is picked up freeze stay frozen
Reaches a stick up, while exhale blows in
Peoples get sick up said as vapor goes in
Suggested is hiccough, while I hold a rows in my fronts
Once in go, see Sub for info
Fee is the lingo, sixteen gets in though
Dance til toenails ingrown
Skeezin props, I send note for jimbo is bricko
Every wind blown
Sounds are boomin, emcees shouts doom is
In the house after one, two'in
ZL needs a nuprin
Driftin like driftwood I ask if could
Stay away from stiff hood
So does R.I.F. Productions write up songs quite clever
But light up a torch pipe R.I.F. will never
I'm no snuff head I prefer headsets
Decided nuff said for head sweats
X, this figure of speech

(You are nuthin but a) figure of speech
(You are) figure of speech
(You are X)
(You are nuthin)

[Zev Love X]
Remain in a frenzy
Stay craze as I pause in ya Benzy
Then reach in haste to taste
A sip of this throttle in a bottle
Then shake ya hip but don't slip into follow
The motto goes: sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll
I prefer: love, hugs and hip hop soul
And that's final, down to the sto'
Cause is on vinyl
So be sure to dub these sounds of a b-boy
But X ain't no also ain't no decoy
For KMD paints no
Pigeoned as I talk drink free from a ?
Image of a walking stick from a Mack Dad
Wouldn't you rather dwell among those liable
To rock well with tongues and stay tribal?
Well in 80 dekka I'm extra hard to reach
But I'll be expectin ya, says X, this figure of speech

(You are nuthin but a) figure of speech

[Zev Love X]
Have a crooked letter humpback each
Let the panter peach style screech
Then skid through the sounds of earth tones
We've grown
(The Barber Subroc and The Birthstone Kid Onyx)
Place of rest is Dooms (re-womb) we loopty toon
And add a sonic kick Boom
A dash of this then up next, last but not least
Is Zev Love X, this figure of speech..haha

[Zev Love X]
(..You are) figure of speech
(You are nuthin but a) figure of speech.
(You are X..)
(You are nuthin but a X...)
(...You are X)
(..You are nuthin but a X)
(...You are X)
(..You are nuthin but a X)
(..You are nuthin)