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Artist: K.M.D.
Album:  Mr. Hood
Song:   Gasface Refill (Bonus Track)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Peace!  This is the one Subroc
Chillin here, with my partners
And they're about to do, the Gas Face, rebuttal
Yeah, quite subtle
His name is Zev Love X
He's gonna kick it next

[Zev Love X]
And I'ma kick it like this (uh-huh)
A Gas Face, can either be a smile or a smirk
When appears, a monkey wrench to quirk one's clockwork
A jerk threw a wrench, I thought it missed
Made me so pissed I felt a ball in my fist
to drive to place a blister on that certain mister
That's one more on my list of scrubs lined up to kiss
the very X on my Swatch watch ticker
Every second on the second, I kick a rhyme to wreck it
every minute, catchin the bag, I'm fin' to skin it
One of the more than one ways it pays to stay in it to win it
Mike is riffin, think I'm gonna pay my bill still?
On your grill you gets a Gasface Refill
Ill, I hit and bend, what's up to style
The owner of the hand, I never ran a mile
in your shoes, sang blues with the so-called jewels
you claim no lose if you choose to snooze
You're just another Gasface Victim

Yeah, who's next?  My man
Yo he's gonna kick it
His name is Onyx

And I'ma bust it like this
Well if the face fits take it, eventually you have to make it
If someone states that word is bond and then break it
See my word is bond that I shall never dye my hair blonde
Cause of my culture am I fond
It's not the goal to give the Gas Face
The goal is to uplift the whole soul race
But if you step to this brother, thinkin punk is to peace
it's a sad one (UH-UHHH, YOU CATCH A BAD ONE!)
Check yourself, keep a gas mask handy
Then shall you dig, you'll find it dandy
to never leave home without it cause there's not a doubt about it
that you'll end up short in this sport, so resort
to a wise way of thinkin, never sleep, not even blinkin
Never start sinkin in the old man's quicksand
And if you fight, for others in the cause
Then the gas face is truly yours

Yeah, signed and sealed
Onyx, the birthstone kid
Yeah I like that, one more time
I'll tell you what - one more time, like this

[Zev Love X]
Set up correct with the effect
The second of two episode I recollect
'Twas not to dismiss a myth, with the stamp of approval
And the super common blue eyes respect what the heck
In the steps of the King Solomon who used a jin
to clear his whole temple from within
Does make my head spin, when one dares to question
How one learns a lesson, you guess it turns

A smile to a frown, from a smirk to a chuckle
Knowledge of self, a gas mask with a buckle
Here rides the clan, this land with gas chamber
Here to threat and bring sweat to the stranger
That old serpent had the gall
Saying that he knew how I felt, yet and still, he's living tall
Yeah that's a laugh but surely we'll trick him
Flip the coin, make him a Gas Face victim!

Yeah, once again
That's how we kicks it, for 80-deca
Yeah, guess the B-Side wins it, y'knahmsayin?
Yeah but who gets the Gas Face this time?
No Gas Face for SD-50
No Gas Face for Plugs One, Two and Three
No Gas Face for Michael and Peter
No Gas Face for the Brand Nubains
Preacher Porkchop {*"Another Gas Face victim"*}
For all the Uncle Toms {*"Another Gas Face victim"*}
What about the New York cabbies {*"Another Gas Face victim"*}
Yo what about {?} the weird boy {*"Another Gas Face victim"*}
No Gas Face for the Ansaars on the Ave
No Gas Face for Frukwan the God
Yeahhh no Gas Face to {?} the S.O.I.
No Gas Face for my man D-Black
No Gas Face for the engineer Ganz
No Gas Face for the Nubian Nation
Yeah, but uhh, what about that dude {?}
The {?} {*"Another Gas Face victim"*}