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Artist: K.M.D.
Album:  Mr. Hood
Song:   Preacher Porkchop
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

	I want you to understand
	a few words of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding
	from a soul, rappin man
	Has more weight in this life
	than, one-thousand men
	of science and technology, ever can!

[Zev Love X as Preacher Porkchop]
Whoo!  Yo, thank YAH, Deacon DJ Du Dot
Naww, I'd like to introduce, MAHself
as, the Preacha Po'kchop (Amen! Amen!)
And I'm gon' go on, because y'all know I got it GOIN ON!
(Amen! Amen!)  Yea, now today
I'm gonna talk about MAH life (Talk about it! Talk about it!)
MAH days, of growing up in the church of GAWD and Christ
They tried, to put ree-strictions on MAH LIFE! (Talk about it!)
They said that, a preacher could, ROCK THE MIC! (No no no!)
WHAT?!  Huh, but I said wrong (It was wrong, it was wrong)
They also said THAHT, a Preacha could not PIMP STRUT! (No no no!)
I can not PIMP STRUT!
But I said WRONG!  (Talk about it!)
No one tells Preacha Po'kchop, what to do with his LAYFE!
And no one, can tell the church, what to do with THEIR LAYFE!
The church, controls the church (Yeah, yeah!)
So if you want to switch up, say switch up! (SWITCH UP!)

* beat changes *

Yeahhh, now that's what I'm talkin! (Mr. Hood: Yes)
Mellowness, yes!
Anything is possible in MAH church!
That's right it's MAH church!  Yeah!
Do you understand? (Mr. Hood: Yes, yes I understand)
Somebody in the church UNDERSTANDS what I'm talkin about today!
(Mr. Hood: Yes) Hah, well now I'm droppin science!
Hah, I'm droppin, BAWMBS!  Hah!
Up in mah church todayahhh, hah!
Somebody say yeasss, yesss lawwwd!
Glory to Gawd, glory to Gawd!
Preachas, you betta WATCH yo' church
because Po'kchop, is on his way
Yes, bringin the truth beyond doubt
that I've been covered by Moses
Yeah preachas, you know you're to the curb!
Stealin money, from out the church pan
to put gas, in yo' Cadillac
But Po'kchop, I pimp struts!
I pimp strut!
Now, you know I know what's goin on
My vision is NOT blaurrhy
That's why, mah church does not have to worry
Because I preach, to teach, and reach one each!
Ha hah! (Amen!)
Now, on that token, Deacon Du Dot, do dat!

	Sermon said, you'd lose
	Spiritual awakening, in the sins of mankind
	for the deaf, the dumb, and the blind