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Artist: K.M.D.
Album:  Mr. Hood
Song:   Subroc's Mission
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Man, (I need a shave and a haircut) Not now
Come back like in a hour and a half or something, know what I'm saying?

(I hope to see you sooner than you think)

Well I guess I'm up and at 'em and I'm ask a say
I'm goin and strollin this typical day
So I can go Mother may I? No I may stay
Okay, straight to the back and I'm out
Anyway they step to war bounds
More than can each and all my posse makes crazy pounds
Live from Diego to Shabone and that new kid Dave
He had a willy doe, my afro he did save
This kid waited crazy long for a cut and shouted
"I do crave" (A haircut and a shave)
Yeah mischief ran through my head, guess what?
My clipper's are broke, I guess I treat 'em like a nut
He choose to do a capoof my through the scald
Oops! My bad chief ya half bald
In a mirror he looked, side to side his head shiftin
Stop wishin, til he knew...(it's the mission)
Now this mistake I bettered from, yeah trust me now
Come come and take a pick... from the barber Mr Roc
It was the least and last strength, mmmmm
Then again sneaky might I get
Only thin patience in your heart is set
If patient, then me a cut patient G
And I'll seek to get it done in a jiffy
You know it's Serch ass cut the 3-R-D-B
I set sounds quick then you draw til I can sees it
Draw X, Sub, the barber is you
My sight's sketch when I off hand, you can do
By this compliment I became conceded
I said I cannot be topped, another cut completed
I said with no heso and stopped
Just to be blocked by the words he did amount to say..

This is the mission of the fact!, it's the mission
This is the mission of the fact!, it's the mission
This is the mission of the fact!, it's the mission
This is the mission of the day

Again and again I go to guess where or when
Is this mad mission's gonna end?
And so a new trend will begin and bent ya soul to the bone
KMD rocks styles of they own
I beg ya pardon? me and five friend and we race
Culture person, people think I may be place
went out to here but he Sub's in town
Come in my face we go rounds
I study I Self And Master
(Yo God you left out Law) help me out I'm hazy
Oh ZLX gimme a pause
(Zev Love X: What are you doin on the mixin board, are you crazy!?!?)
Crazy and tamper with the universe, yeah that's me
I give little Mike the chance to stay on beat..
(I like to dance and tap my feet but they won't keep in rhythm)
What is it?

This is the mission of the fact, it's the mission
This is the mission of the fact!, it's the mission
This is the mission of the fact!, it's the mission
This is the mission of the fact!, it's the mission

(..Yeah)Take your choice but the voice you choose
You be more than fat, cuz the noise is thick
And that gets picked quick in twos
Goin for self ya best to sip booze
Who will lose to fall when they know what stood?
How now they all seperate ill from good
He said it loud and that they should cup
The whole crowd was proud and then learned to book up
Cook up, better look it up, take a peek where ya stand
With a Nubians hand, ya strange in this land
Oh yeah but fight I'll judge the fruit
I don't care of it, not a bit, don't hand me that shoe
I'll help to shape and mold
my boys before dips is turned to stone
And then I can escape to a world of my own
This is the mission of today, in fact! (It's the mission)

Who that? Come in
(I will like to introduce my friend, Mr. Smith)
Yo, what's up, man?
(Well, look I want a haircut)
Come on now, I told you I ain't ?
(Listen, short I'd tell you what I'll do
If you give me a haircut I will promise you not to pay you)
Not to pay me?
(Listen, shorty this is silly! Shorty you ain't no helping me at all, you
know that?)
I ain't trying to be no help
(No, no, none of that stuff is helping me out,so.
Gimme a haircut as long as I ?)