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Artist: King Phaze f/ DMX, Sheek Louch, Styles P
Album:  Yonkers Anthem 12"
Song:   Yonkers Anthem
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Uh, yeah
King Phaze
Yonkers {{echoed}}
Let's get it

[King Phaze]   
I got full control, let's go rock and roll (Yeah)
Three time felon no time to pose (Yeah)
I'ma call my homies now it's time to roll
By the time I get done, they caskets closed (Come On)
And it won't take me ten years to be the next Hov (What)
Mixed with Metallica, sick of amateurs 
Rappin over guitars, like they could damage it
This ain't the Jay-Z/Linkin Park Collision Course
This the 80 car collision rock rap intercourse
Styles P you been the boss, Phaze yo I been the kid (Wooo)
Straight out of Yonkers, I conquered and did my thing (Y-O)
Now I'ma turn the tables (Come On)
I can now do Jimmy Iovine's record label
Mentally I'm unstable, and I'm so capable
Showin you what the razor do
Now gimme $50 mil and a bank account
Till then yo the guns and the shanks are out (Blaow)
To rhyme wars on this track, sounds like a gangsta out (Come on)
I hustle music like I'm running a crack house
Roll over these rappers and motherfuckin bang em out

[Chorus: 2x]
Yonkers {{echoed}}
Time's up so get low
Aim high, wind up and let go
Yonkers {{echoed}}
Slugs fired, the guns blow
You now rockin with the boys from Y-O

[Styles P]
This shit hot Phaze
They ain't ready
Shit hit like crack rock
S. P. the ghost I do rap or black rock
Lettin the mack pop, still on the back block
Know that you're dead first second your hat drop (You're dead, yeah)
Line 'em up, I annihilate 'em
Hard like the white boys that listen to Iron Maiden (What up)
Hoppin in the mosh pit, leavin with the iron blazin (I'm leavin)
I'm the motherfuckin highest patient
Ask Phaze that I can't be fazed (What up Phaze)
It ain't a phaze, knock rocks while we blowin the haze
It gets deeper when we come
Got the devil on the guitar, the reaper on the drum (It's deep)
And I'm a motherfuckin wild nigga (I'm wild)
Son of Sam, or the forty-four coward killer
So let me know when you ready (I'm ready)
Me and Phaze comin through when the metal is heavy (Yeah)

[Sheek Louch]
Yeah, wooo
I'm tellin you, uh huh
Aiyyo Phaze, talk to 'em, I got you
Sheek Louch, D-Block
Fishtail, it's Sheek the rock star like Van Halen
Weed everywhere (uh huh) coke to the fuckin ceiling (Let's go)
Bitches sniffin, neighbors riffin (It's ok)
Smoke comin out the door when I light up my piffin
Tommy Lee, nah this Donnie G (Sheek Louch)
Don Gorilla, X, King Phaze and P (Let's Go)
Blacked out Night Rider in the SRT
One deep with the range it could fit all three (Let's go baby)
I ain't seen a nigga hidin till I look in the mirror
I'm an ol' skool baller like Yogi Berra
Potato on the gun make it hard to hear 'em
I run this shit I can't say it more clearer (Y-O)
Bookbags, spray paint black marker (Hip-Hop)
I'm tattooed up like Travis Barker
Y'all funny muh'fuckers like Meet the Fockers (Ha ha)
I throw the hoodie on, it gets darker, I tell 'em I'm from

[Chorus: 2x]

Sky's the limit so I'm reachin for the stars (Uh)
I'm tired of being the nigga that they keep behind bars (Uh)
What's good? You got it? I'ma take yours (Yeah)
I'm hood, fuck a gun I break jaws (What)
Understood, there's nothing to bang for the cause (Uh)
And I could cause you couldn't bang with the fours (Come on)
Home of the brave nigga, take it to the grave nigga
Beat to the streets (What) straight out the cave nigga (Wooo)
Start off from School Street, aight let's roll (Come on)
Goin up ahead, up Palisades, hit the hole (Bap)
Y-O nigga, that's what I'm reppin (Yeah)
Threw on the bullshit, keep on steppin (Yeah)
Or you can keep dippin (Yeah)
I dunno what y'all niggas heard but my niggas in Yonkers keep weapons (Weapons)
Phaze 1, (What) S.P. and the dog
And I'll rap this shit up and what, that's all

Yonkers {{echoed}}