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Artist: Knightowl f/ Slush the Villain
Album:  Bald Headed Kingpin
Song:   Nasty Bitch
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[Chorus 1: Slush the Villain and Knightowl]
I need a nasty bitch
I need a nasty bitch
Hoe, Hoe
I need a nasty bitch
Ha ha
(Uhh Uhh)

[Slush the Villain]
I need a nasty bitch
Kind of hoe that'll give up the ass real quick
Never ask for it just gotta ask to hit
That's the bitch let her pass my drink
And pass my spliff
Kinda hoe that'll never say no
You SDH always talking about
You'll deep throat my dick
Til it's time to go
Just cause you slutty ass memorized my flow
My bone, my balls, all in the jaws
How low would you go so I could give you a call
How low would you go to get called back
Lick a ball sack, let us all cap
Girl arch your back put your pussy up
Let me stick my big dick in your juicy cunt
Little hoochie slut
It's up to you to cum
But if you're doin us
There's two of us hoe

[Chorus 2: Slush the Villain and Knightowl]
I saw you down on your knees
you suck him
bitch then fuck me
F-U-C-K-I-N-G hoe

Yous the kind of girl that'll never say no
Suck my dick but do it nice and slow
Don't you tease bitch drop to your knees
Get a neck full of pearls let it drip from your curls
You be the kind that likes to fuck
And get it all in your butt cause yous a slut
Everybody knows how you like to give blows
How you like to suck dick
Get it rammed in your clit
Freaky little bitch yous the one
Freaky little bitch come give me some
I know that you wanna come suck my balls
Open up them jaws bitch drop your draws
Put it all inside you little nasty bitches
I know that you want it
So better jump on it
Cause y'all ain't nothing but some groupies
Horny ass hoochies givin up the couchie


[Slush the Villain]
We know a porn star by the name of Neika
Penis eater semen cleaner
She could eat dick for days
Let her lick away spit no way
Cause she likes the taste let her swallow it
Every last drop bitch all of it
Let her gobble it put some jaw in it,
Like a good girl should and I know that you could

I know this bitch by the name of Michelle
I had her legs up in the air at the motel
Never says no to a fuckin thug
Scrapes on the knees lots of burns from the rug
But what about that bitch by the name of Nicole
She likes it in the butt licks the bone like a mutt
The neighborhood slut fuckin all the homies
Doin all a favor said she liked the flavor


You nasty bitch,
you ain't nothing but a nasty bitch to me
you nasty bitch
you ain't nothing but a nasty bitch.

Once again the muthafuckin Knightowl is back
Bringin some shit to all you fuckin hoes
That like to give blows
Cum drinkers sperm guzzlers
That have no fuckin shame
In this muthafuckin game suck a fat one