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Artist: Knightowl
Album:  Bald Headed Kingpin
Song:   The Chase 
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( police  talking )
attention all units  in the downtown  area
suspect wanted for a possible 187
last seen at the corner  India (?)
suspect wearing all blue
considered to be dangerous I repeat all dangerous 
you blast on me but didn't string me 
you mad at  joules, cause you want to be
fucking just like me, but that is impossible 
you know I'm unstoppable, I rain supreme
and I got a wicked fucking team
surround of thugs, down busted slut
go head and pick the phone, I crack you  fucking dome
Shot you fucking hand, and watch you fucking dance 
Without fucking feet, I'm from the fucking street 
Is that you life I'm take but first blow
Fools I braking , why you nervous shaking
Is the  you waking up, I'm  wicked  just like sicko
Fucking bitches hating, you want to disrespect 
The sick, sick go and suck a dick, real motherfuckers 
Don't sleep they only creep, I'm the real pistol creep 
Nothing  but the hollo, test the  bring ass sorrow
I take you never borrowed, you never see tomorrow 
fuck the cops they cant get me
fuck you motherfucks 
they can get the middle finger
yo gonna get none, takes this motherfuckers
pow pow pow
Knightowl  fuck this is wop town
I meat your pork, 
Fools in the dark, they be  the fools 
that I meet in the park, walking ring behind you
glad the day they find you , run but you cant hide
as you turn to you fucking die
come a face the music, death if you refuse
you might don't want go , but they who want to go
you about to feel the pain, I got a casket with your name
Baldhead of fools, oped in the circle looking mad
talking about who did it, but they all know i did it
but I don't give a fuck, bring them all
you be the next to catch fucking slut 
all my boys be thugs, surround be the label
not bitches  on my stable, you  want to drop some shit
but those some putos , you not able
cause only the real hand with me and my homeboy
we got he fuckins toys, they like to brigs the noise
they like to make you bleeding
talking shit your receive, some latter on you dome
and you kne fucking bran kne home.
(Chores )
Police talking pow pow 
we are now persude a lexus, be W. 
with  the  laenere place  K.O.W.L
surround records. In the back of the window
it possible be influences shooting at the victims.1, 7.8powwwwwwwwwww
you cant forget about me, I'm stuck  in your fucking thoughts
connect to the bullets to your brain 
like fucked does, I'm  indestructive, is not comporable 
and you be colevo   I'm intractable 
the bitches said a loves , huggable  suckable 
ring bitches like pork, with a lot of pork
hangin all around the city, so many joints 
they wanted do the things that I do
but they do be so rusty, so many bitches that I fucked
but I be trusty, they want to come around the homies
at he WOP town gangbangin, bitches hitting like switches
everybody is  looking at the one, on the prima
but she si getting foggy, got slut getting nutting 
in the back sit , fucking bumping musin bumping
every body get turn on, because we ll fucking bumping
down there is fucking note pad on my head
now what he fuck I mine gonna do
fucked it time to shot, pigs dies tonight 
they fucked with the wrong man
WOP TOWNBABY all up in this motherfucker,