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Artist: Knightowl
Album:  Bald Headed Kingpin
Song:   Whatcha Gonna Do
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Now what you gonna do fool
What the fuck you got to say
What about the other day
When head banging the fucking bitches
Fucked up with the bird, but sure
Now you heard, what happened to your homies 
Was only the beginning, fool still undefeated
You the one got delete, is time to nap  
It was time for you to nap
You talk a lot of shit, heard about you got strap 
So I couldn't take a change, with no hesitation 
I shot you on the dome, revenge the motivation 
But the mission is not complete, until you crew is delete
All yo got to go, don't fuck with me no more
You see the type of shit, that it happened if you do
I'm crazy motherfucker what you gonna do
Friends I never had,  hand used to battle 
If you fuck with Knightowl, you best said good bye now.
(Chorus: repeat 3X)
what you gonna do
what you gonna do
what you gonna do. When I can fo you and you crew
this is be the blue rag homes
and I mine keep walking politicos domes
they got you fucking screaming
you stared me, when you fucked stared me 
to carry little further, commit murder, 
I never thought, I was going to see the day
That I was wrong, friends and  even family 
Will try to burn, best keep learned
If you might get hurt. Don't fuck whit this loco
I explain in the voco, once uptimes I knew this
little fool name nacho
He run  name sedomia,  he have set  name lo mas 
So who is believe, When  all became a hunted
 to relive  my fucking strap
I got it kick and keep planning 
Fire all the good shit, doing  bad shit 
Because I don't give a dawn fool.i heard you got a plane
To take me out, and do me, but you never catch me to me
If you getting moro, if fuck around  with sorrow, 
don't provoke me or I send a picture of the darkness
you acting like bitch, but puto you be homeless
the knightowl be the one victories, and another world
is this days notorious, catch you a movie get off  my face
you  isn't  my homie , I'm hanging my nut low fool
you don't know me, so what the fuck you got to said
you have no sense, so run up this do you want me to commence
the ramble that I give created wiping
With me you have lost the fight so I'm the one that's swiping
I break some of this  you can not fuck with the done
You cant be stupid like a bow the dopes then all
I got the all like bitches
You be talking lot of shit, that is the reason you got hit
So said goodbye mama close the casket in the drama
I leave all the fucking fools instead of drama

Knightowl, stick stone, I break my bone
But the gun that I carry was slafio
And it will put you in the land of the lost
You, if you double cross me you gonna get Sali
And there is nothing you can do
cause you a bitch and so your crew
So what I'm my said to all fucking G stop trying
or you be the next one die