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Artist: Krayzie Bone
Album:  Good vs. Evil
Song:   Chaos Interlude
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(Sound's of Apocalypse - track lead in)

Look at the fire way down to the wire
The ones who aspire we knowin' it's been written fo' sure
steady descriptors and watch cause the signs of the times have arrived
that's been written it's been prophesied
Look at everybody runnin'
the end of the world is the commin better repeal or you love-us a money
we party overtime, no more evil paradise
Babylon fall down, can't cha feel the thunder in the sky?

And yes we all in time
See the revelation as as it starts to unwind
And yes we all will try to make it through the gate but some won't get by-ee-eye
Apocalypse is about to get raw we already made it through the war
demons is lurkin' they schemein' steady workin'
there tryin to cope my pistol before they wont breathe know more, mmm-more mmm-more

The bible already tells us not to put our trust in man
And those who take heed to that wise council will not be delusional
When the government fails to deliver on it's promises
or when charismatic leaders fall from grace
They lookin' for a kingdom
Who's better suited to fit the kingdom
than that of our mighty lord and saviour Jesus Christ?
The one who died for our sins!!!