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Artist: Krayzie Bone f/ Depswa
Album:  Gemini: Good Vs. Evil
Song:   Don't Know Why
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[Depswa] {Hook}
I wanna hurt you, I don't know why [4x]

[Krayzie Bone]
Woke up this morning in a cememtery, kinda weary
Looked over my shoulders and I seen somebody been just freshly buried
It's kinda scary cause my shirt was soaked in blood man
Shovel in my hand, so I had to be the one that dug that
But I had no knowledge, I don't even remember leaving the house man
Can't explain how I got here, its like I was walking but I wasn't in contact
But I had to be wildin', cause I seen a bloody machete, ah
Was it used on that victim to shred him up? Oh my God don't tell me I...oh shit
Something's going wrong, I don't know what's going on
All I know is I was home, and I woke up here alone
Wondering who was in that hole, but I ain't sticking around to know
My mind is blanking, I'm so gone, I don't know which way to go
Running in the rain, I'm barely breathing, more like wheezing
Running in the rain, how could this be, while I was sleeping?
I made it to my house, I closed the blinds, and bolt the door
Somebody please tell me what's going on cause I don't fucking know, fucking know

{Hook 4x}

[Krayzie Bone]
Jumped in the shower, washed the blood from off my body
Rolled up a blunt, I'm feeling psychotic, mixed me up some gin and tonic
But I'm nauseous, feeling woozy like I'm in the twilight zonin' movie
How did I do it? How did I get through it?
And I wonder if anyone knew what I was doing
Sat down and clicked through the tube, flicked to the
news, I'm trying to get answers
Who's blood is this on my hands and how did this situation get so drastic?
Its madness, and I just can't take no more, I passed out
Couldn't help but crash out, from last night, I'm gassed out
Slept for a minute but I didn't sleep too long before
I was awakened by some heavy banging on my door
It was the po-po cause inside they shined they flashlights
Got a funny feeling that this got something to do with last night
They trying to tell me that I'm wanted for kidnap and murder
Telling me they got proof that I murdered my ex-employer
Don't think my lawyer can help me with this one, uh-uh
I grabbed my pistol, put the clip in and I'm out the back window, I'm gone

{Hook 4x}