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Artist: Krayzie Bone f/ Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Album:  Good Vs. Evil
Song:   Getchu Twisted (Remix)
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Guess who's back??

[Chorus 2X]
Let me get ya twizted man
(Gimme some Hen', gimme some gin)
Let me get ya twizted man
(Gimme some Hen', gimme some gin)
Let me get ya twizted man
(Gimme some Hen', gimme some gin)
Let me get ya twizted man
(Gimme some Hen', gimme some gin)

[Verse 1: Krayzie Bone]
You see me hittin the ground runnin'
At hundred miles and still gunnin'
I might be the coldest nigga that ever done it
I hit 'em with the flow that'll get me paid
Money, at the same time in the game ya can't touch this
Smooth with the roughness, thuggish ruggish
I put a little bit of singing with it, and they love it (Rugged)
Pull up on 'em and I buck it, bust it
Lyrical killa to get dusted (dusted!!)
I can tell how you bite my style, you been eatin' good
But I'm finna shut 'em all down (all down)
All y'all fall dow, Mista Sawed Off, raw dawg
I'm tellin' y'all now (y'all now)
Y'all better get ready for Ball'R Records and ThugLine
Caught up in the rapture, we got ya just after one rhyme
They don't really wanna get it on
They don't wanna see the Bone, Bone
We can take it to the middle of the floor yo, harass them niggaz
Get up in 'em like the po-po's, Still flow so cold
Krayzie's tecs are blazin' at ya, Aimed exactly atcha, gotcha
Shots will drop ya, fade ya proper
Rock the spot and make ya holla "Dolla bill y'all"
Make a mill with my real dawgs
Where the down niggaz, I don't feel y'all
Gotta kick it with the trill always, gotta chill with a ill squad
That'll really feel y'all, y'all, y'all
Bone still doin' it to 'em
No matter who in the room or who in the build'
No matter who close the show
You ask the party people who stole the dough, they know

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 2: Bizzy Bone]
Roc the mic' giving the people what they like
I've be struggling hustling trying to make it right most all of my life
And when I can put 'em next to 5-0 It's just like gambling dice
7-11 Y'all better be ready this is Bizzy The Kid I'mma be here all night
no matter what I'mma still support you whenever you're ready
Let's rock the world!Better believe I'mma fight for the money
Yes I'm ready to die?Yes sir!
You don't want me to make it on my way
Better beware!Get up out my Way
I said We distribute the product and move it like Nino in here
I push the burb!Come on up fast I pump I dump out
Never been no chump!I crunk out!And I really want so lets snatch it!
That's how I run mine!I'm running fast past that gunline!
Busting that gun.What?One time (yeah)
Keeping it gangsta for all of my life is a danger sometimes
Blaze the flame and make your paper!We Bone Thug 'til we die
Better support it and if you don't when you see me just pass me by!
Hell of a pride!Hard pray, And I'm trying to be calm payed
and I'm trying to be on par when satan comes up on my way!(Hey)

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 3: Wish]
Now I'm feeling like a thug doing flowing and singing
no matter what bring it's ball with no flaws
Better handle it y'all!
We the niggaz that changed the game
we the ones who be screaming "thugstas" and on the mic
Yes we murda flow!Don't want it but let it go!
Believe me assist guard!You straight from the hood
Good!Im thug, we in every hood
Down where he roll none they don't roll none
'cause we get the crack and get the pap and they gon' run!
I'm up early to get my hustle on
later to get it strong and I'm gone
Gotta tell another mill for real then I'm feeling
like anyday now I'll just kill something
'Cause you know that money
won't you take a bunch of it!-I gotta keep us some money
for my niggaz that's thirty
They will let you get away then anyway your lucky
We can do it like the thuggish ruggish, boy
Then y'all bitches over here better show some love
Most niggaz that scream y'all better straight behold
But it's real over here beat it like it's cold
When you see I'm hot yes I'm holding
Even when I'm rocking and rolling
Won't get away with these when it all goes down
be the first nigga cocking and gunning
Nine milli will reach yaaa!
They all fall down and their shots'll get'chaa'!
at you now to what it'll lead yaaa??
Now they're all fucked up!How ya niggaz like that stack

[Chorus 1X]

[Verse 4: Layzie Bone]
SO you want to get twisted, lifted?
I'mma show you who's the realest
In the city of the thieves we're the real cap peelers
Better get back niggaz!We did slap niggaz
When it comes to figures, I'm a go-getter
Hitting around steady when pushing my line
When he hanging on the Ave. nigga looking for crime
Ain't worrying about beef but I carry a 'Nine
I'mma put it on your mind
when I'm flipping my mind!Yeah!Yeah!St-Claire
Playa with the keys to the city you can call me the mayor
If you're talking about pity like this ain't fair
do I care about you lames?Better beware!
Ain't goin nowhere; still right here
Krayzie, Layzie, Bizzy, Wish and Flesh
Money on the wood make the day go good
Drop it like it's hot, we'll he who's the best
Yes!I must confess: I'm a cold blooded nigga, man
Show me if you've got some game
I'mma show you how to get some chains
Still the fact remains we let some hang
Bone will murder your clique
Hit 'em again and again with a bottle of hen
off the rip we murder them quick
twist 'em up like a pretzel
with the automatic weapons we let it go
when we get it we get it!You better get on my level
I'm a Bone Thug rebel and I'm ready for trouble
Twisted up like the devil
devil twisted up like some foul wheat
Got beef in the streets you can't hide, see
Twisted like screws and ??

[Chorus 2X]