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Artist: Krayzie Bone
Album:  Gemini: Good Vs. Evil
Song:   Lock Down Love
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This is dedicated to my partners that's on lockdown
juveniles on lockdown, women that's on lockdown [2x]

Hey young thug, it seems you got yourself
in serious situation, this incarceration
Come up a unloved youngsta in the city
but momma and daddy got all day and never listen
Now your drifting away and blowing all of your ambitions away
don't throw it all away
Your not a name, your just a number
feeling like don't nobody love ya
wanna hug ya to stop ya from going under, uh-uh
I know sometimes that we may praise this life
but I'm here to tell ya that we all paod the price, so move on
And don't believe everything you be hearing on them
songs, cause sometimes the Devil can get in there and steer ya wrong

{Hook 4x}

Now this one's for my ghetto queens in the slammer
convicted now as criminals, caged up like animals
These real women stuck in this wicked prison system
look how ya living, you should be home raising your children
But your messing with that sucka that got you hooked
on wine, booked doing crime and he shook, blew your mind
Now daylight come but you can't go home
and all over the world it's the same old song
same song, same song

{Hook 4x}

Now this one's for my partners doing they time in the pen
doing 5 or to 10, tell, or 25 with an L
Never coming home no more, end up your life
your life, your life, your life
Finna guess you paid the price, can't hug ya wife
You can't even kiss ya kids and tell 'em you love 'em
won't be there to cover 'em
And nothing is worst than being away from your loved ones
I feel ya, how ya feeling?
So I gotta take the time to drop a line
I gotta take the time to let ya shine

{Hook 8x}