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Artist: Kool Rock Jay and the DJ Slice
Album:  Tales From the Dope Side
Song:   It's a Black Thing
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

Kick it to me

[ VERSE 1: Kool Rock Jay ]
A black man with a dream to be a dancer
Served in Vietnam, came back with cancer
Couldn't get a job and no steady pay
Born a broke man and he died in that way
Is this the way it's supposed to be?
Or is just somethin that you're tellin me
Makin cash havin fun and that's how you're livin
Like every day is Thanksgiving
Chill for a minute and take a look
Life is no secret, it's an open book
I mean bullets flyin, brothers dyin
Mamas cryin, and I ain't lyin
What's goin on? Marvin Gaye might say
The game is real, but no time to play
Pick up the pace and keep on movin
And maybe in the future you can tell where you've been
To each his own, man, woman and child
Don't talk too much, you might be on file
Trials and tribulation, time goes on
Who wants to know how the West was won?

It's a black thing

It's a black thing, yeah

Just a black thing

Just a black thing, yeah

[ VERSE 2: Kool Rock Jay ]
Brothers killin when they should be chillin
Can't really say, cause I don't know how they're feelin
Life's too short and the skies ain't sunny
You're rich and unhappy or you're low on your money
Girls on the tip cause you're simply havin it
Every time you drop a dollar, you know they're grabbin it
Ask for their answer, get no reply
Caught up in traffic, you gotta do or die
Breakin and takin because you're not about the fakin
Your life's on the line and your body's shakin
Stuck like Chuck cause you know you wasn't right
In front of a judge gettin 10 to life
It ain't cool, but that's how it is
Sittin in the cell for 25 years
Let's show the other that they ain't right
Sayin blacks won't make it is a stereotype

[ VERSE 3: Kool Rock Jay ]
Just the other day I heard an old man say
Somethin 'bout history that wasn't okay
Talkin 'bout slaves and how we used to be
Somethin Kool Rock Jay refuse to be
Tell me 'bout somethin that I can handle
Not about Nixon and the Watergate scandal
Tappin phones, watchin homes
Stand up for yours and you're on your own
Time won't stop, prices won't drop
That's the way it is, whether you like it or not
Farrakhan, Dr. King and Malcolm X
Stood up for blacks, so tell me who's next?
Me bein a MC seein what I'm seein
Suckers can't handle, they cold start fleein
Sayin to theirself that they just can't hack it
Goin crazy in a straitjacket

[ VERSE 4: Kool Rock Jay ]
I drop knowledge, but I never went to college
Problems in my path I smooth demolish
What's up with that, cause I'm not the wack
My skin is brown, but my race is black
They say we rob and steal, they say we shoot and kill
I'm sellin records makin dollars, so get for real
They try to front, because they don't know what time it is
Black is beautiful, that's how fine it is
Come on everybody, please pay attention
Tryina play dumb with no comprehension
Here it goes and shows and flows as the wind blows
You say you're down? Everyone knows...

You catch my drift?