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Artist: Kool Rock Jay and the DJ Slice
Album:  Tales From the Dope Side
Song:   Kool Rockin' With Jay
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1: Kool Rock Jay ]
You're Kool Rockin with me, a dope MC
With a dope DJ and a double dope beat
Cause ah I get to this while I do this
Like Brutus you never knew this
Boy, cause I'm a rapper, check it out, I'm cold cappin
And while it's happenin, Slice is scratchin
Able on the tables and ready to rock
24-7 around the clock
Cause I'm chillin, check it out, I ain't illin
With the feelin from the floor to the ceilin
Break it down ( ? ) cause I ain't actin
Parties across the world I'm packin
Yo, word to the mother, father and sister
On my microphone chord, so excuse me mister
No dismay while I play
You know why? You're Kool Rockin with Jay

(Jay)  --> Run-D.M.C.

[ VERSE 2: Kool Rock Jay ]
The beat ain't kickin, the DJ ain't mixin
Kool Rock's the doctor, so I'm fixin
Up the party, so you can get to it
So get on the floor and just (do it)
Wallflowers ain't jammin to the sound
You better be cool before I cut ya down
And make you dance, take a chance
The party's a picture, so take a glance
Look and listen and listen and look
Cause I'm the chef and I'm about to cook
Up the party so high that you feel it
Gettin hotter and hotter just like a skillet
Cold crushin, end of discussion
You better grab your girl because she's blushin
You know why? I just can't deny
That when I'm in a party I catch a girl's eye
So from the rap the rhyme devastatin to the beat
Conversated because our music's so unique
You gotta move and groove, you know that I don't play
And guess what? You're Kool Rockin with Jay

(Can you feel it)  --> Biz Markie

[ VERSE 3: Kool Rock Jay ]
You try to max - relax
Blink your eyes - and I'm back
This ain't a party for breakin, it's a party for shakin
Booty-booty-booties and I ain't fakin
The party is packed, so you can do that
As I rhyme to the beat and break it down on wax
Grab the mic, grab the chord around my hand
And then I cold lean on the microphone stand
As I stand there chillin, cold, not illin
Makin sure you're dancin with the Kool Rock feelin
Devastatin the crowd and what it's all about
And if a sucker runs up I gotta turn him out
You better chill before you dig your grave
Other words, punk, you better behave
Time's up, party people, just lettin you know
You're Kool Rockin with Jay, but I got to go

(Come on)
(Come on y'all let's rock)  --> Spoonie G

[ VERSE 4: Kool Rock Jay ]
I was cold chillin with my crew
Doin the things that I always do
Maxin, relaxin, money cold stackin
Parties I'm packin, so suckers stop actin
About 10:30 on a Friday night
When I seen this babe that was outta sight
She was Gucci-ed down with gold on her neck
Lookin dope as hell cold gettin respect
Now when she walked by she caught my eye
I said hello but she didn't reply
Jumped out the Benzo, then she saw my gold
And then she acted like she knew me from years ago
She said "Stop" and then she tipped her glasses
And she was fresh like southern-made molasses
Hook, line and sinker with hella game
I said, "Excuse me young baby, but what's your name?"
She said, "My name is Jana but you can call me Jane
I love those guys with the fat gold chains
I always chill in the freshest places
But I'm about gettin money and meetin new faces"
Well you met a new face but you're not gettin money
My name is Jay, baby, and I don't play, honey
Like savoir-fare I came to chill
You're Kool Rockin with Jay, so get real