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Artist: Kool Rock Jay and the DJ Slice
Album:  Tales From the Dope Side
Song:   Notorious
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

(Notorious)  --> LL Cool J
(Nothin could save ya)  --> Biz Markie

[ VERSE 1: Kool Rock Jay ]
Kool Rock Jay back in yo face
With a hit of the snare, a kick of the bass
So you better be cool and take a listen
'fore I explode in your face like nitroglycerin
Suckers are saps, you don't flatter me
You're corrodin, punk, like a battery
I track suckers down like a bad state trooper
Dig into your mind like Roto-Rooter
Came to explain Kool Rock Jay is the name
To rock a party all night will be my claim to fame
It's either you or me, cause I'm a fresh MC
I'm not a sucker or sap or a wanna-be
I'm on a journey like Captain Kirk
So when I hear a beat I cold go berserk
Terrorizin punks all across the map
And make 'em keep in mind like a photograph

[ VERSE 2: Kool Rock Jay ]
You wanna battle? I think you're fakin
You know why? Because you're shakin
You say your raps is def but I ain't heard a peep
So hurry up, boy, you got a date to keep
With the Kool rhyme master, rhyme and rap faster
Hit you with a rhyme and make it stick like plaster
Look at you and laugh, cut your ego in half
Take your girlfriend and say "Kiss my..."
Never ever stoppin, rhymes are cold rockin
Catch a grip, get hip, and tell me what's poppin
You and me upon a battle field?
You think you're gonna win? You better get for real
Because Slice is on the fader, DJ devastator
Servin all punks like a restaurant waiter
Kool Rock Jay make it sound so glorious
I'm devastatin, boy (and I'm notorious)

[ VERSE 3: Kool Rock Jay ]
I say "Break" - you say "Wait"
I can't stop, I can't hesitate
I gotta keep movin and keep the house groovin
For you and your crew'n ain't nothin to be proven
Notorious, boy, yeah, meanin nasty
Jay is this way because I have to be
For suckers and saps to hit raps, pay attention
To rhymes that chime on the mic that I mention
So comprehend to what I send to minds
Another rap pizzazz that's on time
A beat for rap and rhyme and def music
Say it fresh and no less cause I choose it
Any other way be a sucker song
Without a kick of the bass that sound so strong
A hip-hop gangster's what I am
I'm the boss, get lost and suckers scram

[ VERSE 4: Kool Rock Jay ]
I'm notorious, boy, yeah, like a cobra
I'm runnin things, so all punks move over
You'll get rapped on, your DJ scratched on
Your girl gets out of line and gets slapped on
Get out the light and leave it to me
Cause you're a punk perpetratin sap sucker MC
I'm a madman trapped inside of a cage
Let me out and I be on a rampage
Goin do to do, yo, from block to block
I be killin all suckers and I won't stop
Cause I assassinate like Machine Gun Kelly
Have you cold trapped, sap, like a fly in jelly
I be there waitin when you start dissin
Once I start shootin there will be no missin
Cause I'm a MC and I'm cold devastatin
I'm notorious, punk, I ain't perpetratin