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Artist: Kool Rock Jay
Album:  Street Life EP
Song:   Bitches in the 90's
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

(Party people in the house)  --> Slick Rick
You know them bitches in the nineties ain't shit

[ VERSE 1: Kool Rock Jay ]
I'm not a player, I'm just a sex fiend
I'm lookin for a female to call my next queen
But findin real love is impossible
I always seem to run into the same old obstacles
And wastin all my time ain't worth it
So I guess I be a hoe until I find miss perfect
I don't Need Love because my name ain't L.L.
Frankly all I need is a bitch and a motel
Oops, I almost forgot my contraceptive
It's the '90s and it's time to get sceptic
So if you forgot your protection
Skip that affection and keep that erection
Cause if you don't, fool, in a quick minute
You might find yourself at the neighborhood clinic
Man, and I ain't goin out like that
So no matter where I'm at, I be strapped with a jim hat


They ain't shit
But they can suck my dick

[ VERSE 2: Kool Rock Jay ]
Back in the days when I was ballin the bitches kept callin
But I wasn't fallin for they drama
They wanted mail but them hoes need to get real
Bitch you want a car, you gets a motherfuckin Big Wheel
Now get a job, hoe, save your fuckin money
Cause right about now you shake that ass for me, honey
And if you can't do that, yo, then hit the do'
You silly-ass hoe, that's what you came here fo'
So when I told you what's real you got upset
But don't leave now, we ain't fucked yet
My dick is harder than a brick but I don't trick
For a punk bitch like that, so get your broke ass back
So now you know my name and my game, but I don't front, though
Tell you like it is and let your stupid ass know
That pimpin ain't easy, it's just a small technicality
So wake up, bitch - it's reality


[ VERSE 3: Kool Rock Jay ]
Candy paint job, straight laced Daytons
Serious beat got the whole car shakin
Now me on a gank move to bump a bitch
Cause Kool Rock is in the house and most hoes ain't shit
Now one for the money and two for the show
Yo, with your hoe out the do' I go
She's a freaky bitch who's materialistic
She's easy to get with, sucks a good dick
Jumped in my car with no questions asked
She knew the R-o-c-k Jay taxes ass
Simply, cause I'm a motherfuckin player
And hand me a mic, become a MC slayer
You don't have to be just as bad as me
To be a real MC on the mic, G
I grab the microphone, mash like Al Capone
And tell these bitches to take they broke ass home


And you stupid-ass hoes
Never get chose

[ VERSE 4: Kool Rock Jay ]
I'm like damn, fuck a bitch, fuck a sucker
I kick a real rap to some real motherfuckers
You can't stand a black man, tryina make it?
I'm goin for the gusto, hoe, I don't fake it
Lyrics kickin and punks trippin
You know the same play
You live like sucker goin out the same way
So why you wanna try when you'll die in the end?
Bitch, we ain't cool, hoe, we ain't friends
I'm just a mack from way back stackin my ( ? )
Non-stop as I kick that tremendous bass
All around the clock, and when I hit the block
All you said is 'Stop' because my name's Kool Rock
But ah, I ain't got time to trip with you
Cause you'se a punk-ass bitch and you know you ain't cool
So later on, hoe, for all that
And if you give me your number I won't call back


Stupid-ass hoes
Don't ever get chose

Now I gots to break it down smooth for a hoe'n
So listen really close as the Rock gets to flowin
You bitches, you hoes ain't shit, suck a dick
Cause you think I'ma trick but you stupid-ass bitches better...